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The Big Data Workshop for Marketers On-Site Training

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Take your marketing skills to the next level by leveraging big data!

Course Description/Agenda

Will Big Data Get You Big Results?

Or is it just a bunch of hype? Whatever your opinion, there's no denying that everyone is talking about it. And most companies are doing way more than just talking.

73% of organizations have invested or plan to invest in big data in the next 2 years.

That's a little scary if you aren't a data geek or IT person. It's also the reason we created The Big Data Workshop for Marketers just for marketing professionals. So you can get the right kind of information without having to be fluent in tech speak or waste your time on issues that don't apply to marketing.

Understand and Market to Customers on a Whole New Level

We'll show you exactly what's achievable for today's marketing professionals. So you can separate the hype from what's possible (and practical) in your own company. You'll discover how to zero in on data that'll give you timely information you can act on ... engage your customers more effectively ... and better target your message.

Discover Where Big Data Can Make a Big Difference

A lot of big data workshops are put on by big data companies trying to sell you their services. That's not what this is. Instead, we'll give you expert insight and updates on the data explosion as well as how it's all shaking out in the real world. So you can go back to the office feeling like you finally have a true understanding of how big data can impact your marketing efforts and drive ROI. Plus, you'll know how to start harnessing the power of your customer data and gain a real competitive edge.


An Introduction to Big Data

  • What is big data?
  • How data can help marketers learn what they really need to know
  • How to determine which data sources you already have access to
  • What data should you gather?
  • Understanding what problems you are looking to solve with better data
  • The five benefits of using data for marketing

Key Data Metrics You Should Know

  • Understanding attribution models
  • Finding your model
  • Testing your data

Three Areas Where Data Makes a Difference

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Marketing optimization and performance

Components of a Successful Data Marketing Strategy

  • Move from tactical to strategic
  • Blow up the silos within marketing, and between marketing and the other business units
  • Find out what data you already have and how to get the data you need
  • Metrics: the necessary component of accountability
  • Process is the fifth P
  • How to demonstrate the marketing return on investment of a big data marketing strategy
  • Free and paid tools that are available to help you track and monitor your progress

Challenges to Effectively Using Your Data

  • Knowing which data (among all that is available) to gather -- which are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Knowing which analytical tools to use
  • Three steps: knowing how to go from data to insight to bottom-line impact

Overcoming Additional Data Roadblocks

  • Developing an infrastructure that supports the use of big data
  • Finding ways to tie disparate sources of data together
  • Aligning professionals from different parts of the organization
  • Honoring strict security and privacy protocols

Putting Data to Work in Your Organization

  • Which personnel and tools should you use?
  • Utilizing historical marketing data, but also "in-the-moment" data -- for better marketing decision making

Special Section: Lessons on Big Data Marketing From the Real World
You'll have a chance to learn from real-world organizations. You'll take away best-practice strategies and dos and don'ts from leading organizations that have tested the waters so you don't have to learn by trial and error.


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