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A Supervisor's Guide to Managing Team Productivity and Priorities On-Site Training

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Get the most out of your team with skills learned at this information-packed workshop

Course Description/Agenda

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

As a leader, multitasking isn't an option ... it's a requirement. Not only are you juggling your own projects and priorities, but you also need to oversee your team's projects, as well as handle numerous administrative and personnel duties.

So, how do you keep everything rolling smoothly without dropping the ball on something critical? Our one-day A Supervisor's Guide to Managing Team Productivity and Priorities workshop will give you the tips, techniques, and skills to manage people and projects like a pro.

Get More Done in Less Time
Your to-do list is constantly growing. For every task completed, several more pop up! This workshop shows you how to better manage yourself, as well as your team. You'll learn how to efficiently and cost-effectively streamline your team's productivity to make that seemingly endless to-do list disappear.

Stay in the Loop Without Micromanaging
It's your responsibility to make sure deadlines are met and projects are finished on time. Sometimes, it may seem like a difficult task to be able to let go. To be effective, you have to let your team work independently to finish the project without you hovering over their every move. We'll show you how to develop simple tools and systems that will keep you in the loop without having to be bogged down with all of the mundane details. You'll not only save time, but you'll have the complete confidence your team is on the right track.

The tools and techniques you'll learn at A Supervisor's Guide to Managing Team Productivity and Priorities workshop are designed to help you and your group communicate and collaborate more productively and efficiently, saving you and your organization time and money.


Productivity Must-Haves

  • The critical role time management plays in successfully managing people and projects
  • Discover tangible ways to measure elusive results
  • Identify proven winners among the vast array of productivity tools, techniques, and technologies
  • Common barriers to solid management planning
  • Easy techniques to deal with FYIs, reports, updates and more
  • Tips for holding effective, efficient meetings that deliver results

Productively Manage Projects Like a Pro

  • How to manage multiple priorities from competing stakeholders
  • Get the real scoop on the effectiveness of multitasking -- when it can save you time and when it can cost you
  • Overcome the four biggest productivity bashers
  • How to minimize distractions to help you focus on what's important
  • Take a few tips out of the Project Management Professional (PMP) playbook

Managing Team Productivity and Results

  • Tools to help you monitor the progress of multiple projects from multiple team members
  • Delegation dos and don'ts
  • How to set up realistic time frames
  • Give clear direction and goals so team projects are done right the first time
  • How to make sure your team is proactive and solution-oriented
  • Gain buy-in to move team members from going through the motions to personal accountability

The Cornerstone of Productivity: High-Level Communication Skills

  • Take your communication skills to a higher level for top-notch results
  • Hone your persuasion skills to build support within the organization
  • How to avoid miscommunication -- both yours and others' -- to keep everyone on track
  • How to overcome resistance and objections
  • Flex your style to get the most out of different personality types


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