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Handling Conflict & Confrontation for Women On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Say goodbye to the damaging effects of unresolved conflict and confrontation

Course Description/Agenda

Unresolved Conflict Can Cost You Plenty

  • Drains your productivity
  • Wastes time
  • Destroys relationships
  • Makes workdays miserable
  • Impacts your health
  • Sabotages your career success

Sound familiar?

But, like it or not, conflict in the workplace is inevitable, from personality clashes to people butting heads over different points of view. Most of the time we say the wrong thing (and are filled with regret and should haves) or we avoid it all together.

If you don't know how to handle conflict and confrontation, you could be paying a heavy price, at the expense of your career success and personal happiness. This new workshop will change

Bottom line: In just one day at this workshop, you'll gain skills that will benefit you throughout your entire career -- and throughout your life. Your ability to work through disagreements productively and handle confrontation professionally will put you head and shoulders above others and earn you the respect of everyone around you.


A Glance at Your Agenda

  • SELF assessment -- How do you really react to conflict
  • Conflict-escalating words that you should never use during confrontation
  • What to say when someone puts you down or criticizes you
  • How to shut down backstabbers and gossips
  • Tactics for handling confrontation without fear, dread, or anxiety
  • Keep anger, tears, and unwanted emotions in check at all times
  • Why avoidance, power plays, pouting, and manipulation never resolve conflict
  • How to work through differences with your boss for win-win results
  • What you should do after a confrontation
  • Assertive responses that can head off conflict before it starts
  • Essential communication skills for resolving disagreements
  • Power tips for handling various negative behaviors of difficult people
  • Understanding what's really going on during a disagreement
  • Why you should never put off confrontation
  • The 3-step ACE Method of conflict resolution
  • How men and women handle conflict differently -- and why it mattes


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group

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