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Accepting and Embracing Workplace Change On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A Workshop to Help Employees Accept Change in the Workplace

Course Description/Agenda

Change is hard ... giving your employees the skills to cope with it isn't.

There are countless training events in the marketplace to train executives and supervisors on how to be better managers of change.

Unfortunately, there is almost nothing dedicated directly to the employees who are the key to success for organizational change. That's why we're thrilled to offer this sensational one-day workshop designed specifically to give employees a better understanding of organizational change ... why it is a good thing ... and what it takes for them to succeed in a fluctuating workplace.

Join us for this lively and fast-paced seminar that will become your employees' greatest tool for keeping your business focused, fresh, and innovative during times of change. With the solutions they'll receive here, you'll see a dramatic reduction in stress among your employees ... virtually eliminate fear and resistance to change ... and boost productivity and morale in a way that can be measured directly by your company's surging bottom line!

Must-have skills for anyone working in the ever-changing environment you know as 'business as usual'

Whether you're going through mild changes now -- or massive reorganizations in the future -- you know that change is inevitable for every successful organization. Give us just one day with your employees and we'll give them the tools they need to not only succeed, but also thrive during times of change.

Every manager wants employees who are engaged and working toward a common goal. By giving them this training, you'll demonstrate 100 percent that you want them to succeed, too. But don't wait ... space is filling up rapidly and you don't want your employees to miss out. Enroll today.


Understanding Change

  • What is the nature of change?
  • Discover how organizations have changed over the last 40 years
  • Recognize the positive and negative consequences of change
  • How do you react to change in the workplace? Away from work? Take a personal assessment
  • Face change as a process
  • Creating your master plan for change: establishing goals, objectives, and strategies

Building Resiliency and Grit as You Cope With Change

  • Discover how workplace anxiety can affect your physical and emotional health
  • How to feel more in control when the change is out of your control
  • Address your fears of uncertainty
  • Master stress-busting techniques that suit every situation
  • Five exercises to help you become more flexible
  • How to develop a positive attitude -- when you aren't feeling very positive

Staying Productive During Times of Change

  • Prioritize your time and energy to stay on track
  • Find the information you need to get the job done
  • Jump on the change train: Are there faster, cheaper, or better ways to accomplish your tasks?
  • Don't get caught in the rumor mill! How to handle gossip and wild speculation
  • With heightened emotions comes increased conflict -- reduce tensions and arguments with a problem-solving approach

Becoming Indispensable: You and the Organization

  • Finding the hidden opportunities in unwelcome change
  • Can you see the big picture? How will changes in the world and your industry change your job?
  • Tap into your personal and professional networks to get ahead of the game
  • Discover and learn the new skills you'll need a year from now
  • Master new technology to boost your position
  • Become a change agent -- not a relic -- in your organization


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