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The Essentials of Microsoft® SharePoint® On-Site Training

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Get insider tips, tricks, and techniques on how to use SharePoint to streamline your productivity and communication, and allow for easier, efficient, AND cost-effective collaboration

Course Description/Agenda

Collaboration Without Frustration
78% of today's Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. Two thirds of these employees say they aren't using it to its full potential. Why? A lack of understanding of HOW to properly use it. The Essentials of Microsoft® SharePoint® fills that void!

This workshop gives you detailed techniques, tips, and shortcuts to help you utilize SharePoint to its full capacity! You'll get insider secrets on how SharePoint works and how you can put to use the many tools available to solve your real-world challenges. Most importantly, you'll learn how to efficiently and cost-effectively streamline your productivity and communication, and allow for easier collaboration using SharePoint!

Make Smart Decisions
To be effective, you need to make wise decisions. To make wise decisions, you need to have the most up-to-date information. We'll show you how to use SharePoint to combine a tremendous amount of data from a variety of sources and make it visually clear and impactful. You'll be able to combine the collected data to help you and your organization make the right decisions faster and easier.

You'll Get the Answers You Need From an Expert
Your workshop trainer is a SharePoint expert who leads you through the ins and outs of this amazing application, in addition to answering any specific questions you may have regarding your on-the-job SharePoint challenges. Plus, you'll be in the same room with people just like you and learn from their everyday SharePoint experiences.

SharePoint's tools and features are designed to help you and your group communicate and collaborate in a more efficient way. But that's useless if you don't know how to use SharePoint effectively. That's why you can't afford to miss the crucial information and skills presented in our one-day The Essentials of Microsoft® SharePoint® workshop. Take the first step in enhancing your productivity and communication. Enroll today!


Introducing SharePoint

  • Discover the purpose, benefits, and practical applications of a collaboration system like SharePoint
  • Learn how SharePoint works so you can master it easier
  • Understand the basic SharePoint site concept
  • Learn the ways in which Microsoft Office integrates with SharePoint

Mastering the Interface

  • Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements to use the interface you need
  • Uncover the hidden gems in the SharePoint ribbon and learn to navigate quickly through your sites and content
  • Explore the ways in which you can customize the interface to your liking
  • Pick up new techniques for navigating the different kinds of SharePoint content including lists, libraries, pages, and settings

Working With Lists and Libraries

  • Examine the default lists and libraries and see what you can learn from them before you create your own
  • Learn about the different list types and library types available
  • Create lists that meet your needs using a template
  • Master custom lists that allow you to build any list you desire
  • Gain an understanding of the differences between lists and libraries
  • Create your own libraries from scratch and get the settings right the first time
  • Use libraries more efficiently and effectively than ever before

Creating Pages

  • Learn the differences between pages and lists or libraries
  • Create a page quickly with the layout you desire
  • Learn to use Web Parts that add powerful content to your pages - no programming required
  • Use page history and versions to manage your pages over time
  • Add links and other content to your pages
  • Get an overview of SharePoint Designer and learn what this free add-on provides for page and SharePoint site editing

Managing Profiles, Wikis, and Blogs

  • Discover the content provided through your profile and how this provides for collaboration within your organization
  • Learn how to create wikis and blogs and customize them for each user
  • See how the social engine within SharePoint works and how it helps all users find the right information faster

Customizing Your Site

  • If you have the power to customize your SharePoint site, this section of the seminar will provide you with the right skills - otherwise, it will inform you of the possibilities
  • Learn to add custom logos, colors, and fonts to your site
  • Discover the different layouts and drastically change a SharePoint site to remove that "status quo" look and feel
  • Have fun learning to play with the look of your site without risking permanent failure
  • Understand the best practices in relation to site customization
  • Provide access to enterprise Office Services

Searching for Your Content

  • Learn to use the basic search features provided by default
  • See how more advanced search functions can be provided
  • Discover ways of making available external content to your SharePoint users through search
  • Master search page customization - from look and feel to the results you get


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