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Confidence and Credibility Skills for Supervisors On-Site Training

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Earn the respect you deserve and achieve the success you desire

Course Description/Agenda

Your career as a leader will be short-lived if you aren't seen as both confident and capable.

There's no point in sugarcoating it - if your confidence is lacking, your prospects for a long, successful leadership career are bleak. Very bleak.

People respect and respond to leaders who know how to convey the type of self-assurance that is the hallmark of exceptional leaders. Bottom line: if you're not confident in yourself and your supervisory skills, nobody else will be either!


We've developed Confidence and Credibility Skills for Supervisors to teach you the principles of acquiring and projecting a sense of unwavering confidence in every aspect of your leadership role. You'll learn how to recognize and banish habits that undermine your confidence. You'll master techniques for handling the tricky and sticky situations and difficult people you've struggled with in the past. Plus, you'll learn the secrets to coming across more persuasively and powerfully in every workplace encounter with employees, peers, clients, and senior management.


Leaders are always being watched and evaluated, which means your credibility is always on the line. This seminar will help you recognize which credibility-killing behaviors you may be guilty of and how to avoid the top mistakes that tend to trip up supervisors the most.


Nobody wins by your being too timid to step up and show the world what you have to offer. When you boost your confidence, new worlds and new levels of success will open up for you. And it all begins with one simple step: enroll in this seminar right now!

Workshop Agenda

Confidence Starts From Within

  • Build self-confidence through competence, courage, and focus
  • What is your inner voice saying? Overcome negative self-talk and use positive self-talk to boost your confidence
  • Channel positivity and a can-do attitude without being branded as the company Pollyanna
  • How to maintain your composure when faced with emotionally charged situations

How to Exude Confidence and Credibility

  • Be seen and heard: effective tactics to build credibility and earn respect
  • Top confidence builders and busters
  • Fine-tune your assertiveness skills to come across as poised and polished
  • Manage perceptions about your past actions and behaviors to successfully move forward
  • How your attire impacts your credibility
  • Be seen as a next-level person in the eyes of upper management
  • Don't let overconfidence damage your image
  • Demonstrate initiative and follow-through to earn the reputation as a can-do leader

Step Up Your Communication Skills to Convey Confidence

  • Banish weak language patterns from your vocabulary
  • What you say and how you say it matter: words to avoid and bad vocal habits to break
  • Find out which communication styles will hinder your workplace credibility
  • How clarity and conciseness (or lack thereof) impact your credibility
  • Warning! A supervisor's words carry great import
  • Crucial conversation skills for sticky situations
  • How to find your power voice

Nonverbals and Their Role in How You're Perceived

  • Body Talk Game: Practice the strong nonverbal skills that will improve your credibility in the workplace
  • Do you send nonverbal messages that are less than confident?
  • How to turn passive body language into body talk that oozes assurance
  • Submissive gestures that will sabotage the confidence you want to portray
  • Your verbal and nonverbal clues send messages to others on how you expect to be treated
  • Step up your power skills - from choosing the right seat at a meeting to those subtle messages that make others take you seriously

Increase Your Credibility in the Organization

  • What it takes to become a knowledge leader
  • The importance of owning your mistakes and admitting you don't know everything
  • How integrity affects your credibility
  • Smart self-promotion strategies that look anything but shameless
  • Gain more support by presenting your ideas with conviction
  • Powerful persuasion techniques: how to get buy-in from your team ... your colleagues ... and the higher-ups
  • How to prove you are a serious stakeholder in your organization and ready to step up to build its success
  • Propel your career forward with these tips to build a reputation of professional excellence

The Credibility-Boosting Power of Building Strong Relationships

  • The importance of being consistently fair and respectful: It speaks volumes about your character!
  • Cultivate relationships to further your authority and standing in your organization
  • Build your professional power base to extend your sphere of influence
  • How to keep it professional with difficult and confrontational people - ensure you leave the encounter with your reputation intact
  • Everyone matters: Confidently interact with customers, clients, coworkers, employees, upper management, and other VIPs
  • How your confidence impacts your team members' confidence
  • Pave the way for harmony by honing these essential interpersonal skills


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