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Mastering the Complexities of Executive Leadership On-Site Training

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Keys to driving extraordinary performance

Course Description/Agenda

Isn't it time you got a fresh perspective on the challenges you're up against?

When you're at the top, there's a lot riding on your abilities. You must be a strategic visionary. You must able to meld a diverse group of individuals into a cohesive, collaborative leadership team. Every moment of every day, people look at you for direction and inspiration. You are the person they rely on to make the tough calls and to lead them through tough times. It's a big job that comes with enormous responsibilities, which means you must command an ever-developing executive skill set.

Executives who want to stay at the top of their games understand the importance of continuous improvement.

You'll never be the best executive you can be if you try to do it alone; you need to take time out to hone your skills and get a fresh perspective. Mastering the Complexities of Executive Leadership isn't just another day of training ... it's an invaluable professional development program that zeros in on the heart of the issues that matter most to executives like you. We delve into the challenges you face every day, including:

  • The secrets to getting your management team to step up
  • Ways to make sure your critical change initiatives are successful
  • How to project an inspiring and powerful executive presence
  • Keys to aligning organizational resources for maximum impact
  • How to make sure you serve the needs of stakeholders, employees, and customers

The demands on executives are greater and more complicated than ever before.

Yesterday, times were simpler and the role of the executive more straightforward. But this isn't yesterday, is it? Today, you're called upon to step up in bold new ways ... be an unparalleled innovator ... respond rapidly to external factors outside your control ... manage an ever-evolving work force ... and deal with uncertainties and complexities your predecessors never even imagined. This training gives you the edge you need to thrive in your executive role.


Developing an Executive Leader's Mind-Set

  • How executive leadership differs from other levels of leadership
  • The burdens and advantages of executive-level authority
  • How to sustain mental toughness at the top
  • Core competencies executives must master
  • Get ready to handle the pressure: Bottom-line results now fall on you
  • What you need to know about organizational stakeholders

Leading a Team of Leaders

  • Why should anyone follow you?
  • Your top priority: developing leaders
  • Collaborate vs. command - understand when each works best
  • Why your emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than your IQ
  • Your role as a leadership coach and mentor

Organizational Development and Alignment

  • How to get an accurate read on important organizational dynamics
  • Aligning team efforts with top priorities and critical goals
  • Establishing a structure that supports organizational objectives
  • Climate check - is it healthy or not? How to know and what to do
  • Identifying and eliminating obstructions to team performance

Strategy, Decision Making, and Risk Management

  • How C-suite level thinking is different
  • How to create a strong vision and get buy-in
  • Establishing clear priorities and goals in the face of complexity
  • A step-by-step guide to making stronger decisions
  • How to take smart risks in the face of the unknown

Executive Communication and Influence Imperatives

  • Projecting a credible, confident, inspiring executive presence
  • Essentials of direct, clear, compelling communication
  • How to influence skeptics, naysayers, critics, and people still on the fence
  • Handling conflicts and breaking down silos
  • Negotiation secrets of winning executives
  • Is your passion showing? Why it must!

Driving Exceptional Performance

  • Understanding key drivers of performance and profit
  • Setting high performance standards and establishing accountability
  • How smart, consistent action yields the strongest results
  • Get the facts: creating systems and feedback loops to alert you when things are going wrong

Driving Change & Innovation

  • Top areas to look for improvement in your organization
  • Telltale signs your organization is in need of urgent change initiatives
  • Why people resist change and what to do about it
  • Smart strategies for getting new ideas to the table
  • How to ignite productive creativity throughout the organization

What's Next? Setting the Stage for Career Growth

  • The importance of growing your skills and knowledge
  • The self-aware executive: capitalize on your strengths, work on your weaknesses
  • Figuring out what's next when you're already at the top

Case studies drawn from real-world stories of executive success ... and executive disasters!


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