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How to Turn Around a Dysfunctional Team On-Site Training

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This workshop was developed specifically to help leaders like you address the complicated and complex issues surrounding team dysfunction

Course Description/Agenda

Don't Know Where or How to Begin to Fix Your Dysfunctional Team? Start Here ...

Odds are, if you're reading this right now, you suspect you have a problem. The question is: what will you do about it?

This Training Is the Solution You've Been Looking For!

This workshop was developed specifically to help leaders like you address the complicated and complex issues surrounding team dysfunction. The problems you're dealing with right now will not just go away; you must step up and take charge.

To be successful, it's vital you come at this challenge armed with strategies and techniques that will correct the problems once and for all. You must handle the issues plaguing your team with cool-headed finesse and effective, intelligent leadership, or you will fail ... which would spell disaster for your leadership career!

Sadly, Dysfunctional Teams Are Common in the Workplace ... But Smart Leaders Know They Cannot Allow the Dysfunction to Continue

Research studies estimate that nearly seven out of 10 people who work in a team environment have worked on a dysfunctional team.

So don't feel bad if you've ended up in this position - in fact, you may have had nothing to do with the dysfunctional behaviors on your team. Still, it's up to you to do whatever it takes to turn the situation around. When you attend this training, you'll learn everything you need to know to transform your struggling team into a fully functional, highly productive team.

Don't risk missing out on this vital training. Reserve your place today.


Isolating the Problems: Sources and Types of Dysfunction on Your Team

  • Why does the team exist? Examining team purpose
  • Organizational roadblocks that contribute to team dysfunction
  • Why you must tie team goals and objectives to the organization's vision and mission
  • Leader look at thyself: how you are helping or hindering your team
  • Identifying negative behavior patterns to pinpoint triggers of dysfunction
  • Strategies for getting to the root of any discontent
  • Reviewing team roles and individual contributions so everything is aligned for success

Addressing the Problems: The Leader's Role in Taking Charge

  • The realities of corporate culture - what you can and can't change or influence
  • Keys to creating a team culture that is supportive, positive, and functional
  • Creating team rules that lay the foundation for appropriate behavior and contribution
  • How to earn respect and cement your credibility as a leader
  • Essential keys to building trust
  • Techniques for improving team member accountability
  • How to establish guidelines and expectations for handling conflict in healthy, productive ways
  • Getting the team to embrace change
  • Ways to strengthen individual and team commitment to the overall well-being of the organization

Getting the Team Involved: How to Help the Team Fix Itself

  • The ins and outs of conducting a team self-evaluation
  • Involving the team in establishing metrics for measuring progress and success
  • How to get the team to develop its own reward system and grievance procedure
  • Observe the team's interactions and functionality from a discreet distance, to be sure things stay on track

The Leader's Role in Maintaining Team Functionality

  • 2 big reasons why you need to establish open communication
  • The importance of meeting regularly with the team as a whole and individually
  • How to conduct regular, targeted team meetings to keep everyone and everything on track
  • Creating an evaluation system that encourages continuous improvement at the team and individual levels
  • Team-building training and activities that help the team bond


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