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The Microsoft Office Workshop On-Site Training

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Learn real-world shortcuts, tips, and time-saving techniques for using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote

Course Description/Agenda

Don't Waste Your Time Through Trial and Error

What about learning on your own online? Oh, please ... you barely have enough time to take a full lunch break, so slogging through the endless junk found online that poses as "office training" to find decent tips and productivity strategies is out of the question.

Join us for this exciting one-day seminar that brings you answers to your questions about the four most common MS Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint - and the increasingly popular OneNote. We'll help you eliminate the daily frustration of using these programs by giving you the foolproof strategies and shortcuts that will get your work flying off your desk! So what will you learn with us?

Boost the potential of Word.
Learn how to fix the most annoying problems with Word, such as changing the default options to do what you want and NOT what an MS programmer thinks it should. Eliminate the AutoCorrect and AutoFormat issues that change your document without your realizing it, and learn how to make formatting any document a piece of cake.

Give your PowerPoint presentations more impact.
There's nothing worse than a boring PowerPoint presentation. In this segment, you'll learn everything you want to know about adding power and pizzazz to your PowerPoint slides whether you're using ClipArt, SmartArt, themes, or pictures. Create presentations that capture the attention of everyone in your office - in a good way!

Optimize Excel.
Automate your data entry and discover how to create charts that dazzle as well as inform. Learn the shortcuts for creating and modifying charts and graphs and overcoming the problems that importing and exporting data often creates. Finally, learn how to add themes to your dry data without causing your workbook to crash.

Explore project management possibilities with OneNote.
This used to be "just" a notetaking program, but in today's virtual office with lots of people working on projects from just about anywhere, OneNote has become one of the most useful programs in MS Office. You'll cover some OneNote basics that many people don't know about, and you'll learn how to create notebooks that you and your work team will love.

Don't keep struggling and screaming at your computer when it comes to getting past MS Office challenges. Enroll in this productivity-enhancing workshop today and you'll be floored by how much faster you'll be working the next day.


Exploiting the Time-Saving Power Tools of Word

  • How to customize your Quick Access Toolbar to maximize your productivity
  • Why mistaking the Ribbon feature for a simple toolbar can cost you valuable productivity
  • Why anyone wanting to boost their personal productivity should always personalize default settings and options
  • Using Web tools and hyperlinks in your Word documents
  • When to link objects and files and when to embed them - choosing incorrectly can cause incessant coworker cursing
  • Web formatting issues you must remember when publishing documents to the Web
  • Secrets to not getting overwhelmed with all of Word's formatting options and choosing the best options for your work
  • How to customize Styles to automate repetitive formatting issues and create a consistent look
  • Major differences between AutoText and AutoCorrect and how to move your AutoText from template to template without errors
  • Simple steps to creating custom dictionaries to make corrections easier
  • Using Themes that make your documents look more polished and professional and be the talk of your department
  • Taking the frustration - and fear - out of doing Mail Merges using Excel data

Giving Your PowerPoint Presentations Bigger Visual Impact

  • Reviewing the Backstage feature to modify defaults
  • Making the most of the Ribbon feature and customizing your Quick Access Toolbar
  • Layout tips you should never break or else your slides will suffer
  • How to make sure your images don't overwhelm your text and cloud your message
  • A fast tutorial on using pictures, ClipArt, screenshots, and more
  • The top five mistakes people make when enhancing pictures in PowerPoint - just because you CAN use 3-D effects doesn't mean you SHOULD use 3-D effects
  • Foolproof ways to remove backgrounds in your slide images
  • Integrating PowerPoint with Excel and Word
  • Formatting shapes within your slides and giving them attention-grabbing effects
  • The pros and cons of using your own images, WordArt, SmartArt, or OfficeOnline
  • A PowerPoint pro's guide to using time-saving themes the right way

Simplifying Excel for More Accurate and Reliable Data Analysis

  • Using drop-down lists that make it easier for you - or others - to use your spreadsheets
  • A quick primer on using Excel add-ins - which ones are worth it, which ones are a waste of time for what you need
  • How to get rid of the endless menus and toolbars that drive you crazy
  • Why an Excel chart is worth 1,000 words and how to make yours worth 10,000!
  • How to simply insert and/or modify your charts without creating havoc throughout the rest of your workbook
  • How to link your charts from Excel to PowerPoint and Word and actually guarantee they will look the same as they do right at this moment
  • Changing the color and font defaults in your Chart Wizard to create bigger and better charts
  • Saving and sending your files without worrying about the safety and security of your data
  • Easy-as-pie (chart) importing and exporting of text and data between Excel and Word
  • Getting Excel to do the work for you when bringing outside data into your worksheets
  • How to create and customize your own Excel themes to give your work a more personal - but professional - touch

Gathering, Managing, and Using Information in OneNote for Less Stressful Project Management

  • What OneNote is and why you should care even if you've never used it before
  • OneNote basics that even experienced users miss sometimes
  • Time-saving tips for creating a notebook
  • Adding and working with sections
  • Why and when it's a good idea to create different versions of a notebook
  • Inserting and working with notes pages
  • Inking in OneNote
  • Adding audio notes


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