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How to Handle the Numbers: Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Professionals On-Site Training

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A special crash course for anyone who wants to easily interpret financial reports, improve results, and make better business decisions

Course Description/Agenda

Why Can't Number Crunchers Write Their Reports in Plain English?

Balance statements ... statements of cash flow ... and all those endless reports generated by the finance and accounting departments are constantly crossing your desk. You know there's valuable information in there ... somewhere. But there are so many acronyms, numbers, and jargon it's like trying to understand a foreign language.

Unfortunately for you, the language of finance is made up of equations and numerical data that accounting professionals went to school for years to learn. So it's no wonder so many people feel confused and uncertain when faced with stacks of financial reports. But the secret is, these reports are really quite simple to translate once you know how. That's why we created this powerful one-day workshop - to take the mystery and confusion out of finance once and for all.

Easily Interpret Financial Reports

If you think a day of finance training sounds like about as much fun as watching paint dry - in most cases you'd be right. And that's too bad, because it really doesn't have to be. That's what's truly unique about this innovative seminar. Attend, and you won't yawn your way through some dry, dull lecture on depreciation. Instead, you'll discover how powerful and effective finance training can be. You'll find out how to quickly and painlessly translate financial reports ... hear about real-world financial issues ... and finally be able to hold your own when talking with accounting and finance people once you get back to the office.

Make Better Business Decisions

Whether you love or hate dealing with numbers, there's no denying that they become a bigger part of your job the further you go in your career.

Enroll in this powerful one-day program and we'll demystify finance and help you learn how to use numbers to your advantage. You'll discover how to X-ray the financial health of your department ... confidently develop budgets and reports ... and make better, more informed business decisions. You'll return to work with financial skills and strategies that will give you - and your career - an incredible edge. In fact, we guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with what you learn or we'll refund every penny of your registration fee!


Leap Over the Language Barrier

  • Terminology Translator: an invaluable guide for translating all those tricky financial terms, acronyms, and jargon into plain English
  • Need-to-know info! Expert insight about how financial transactions are recorded and what that means for managers today
  • The key to holding your own with finance professionals (do this correctly and you'll gain their respect in the process)
  • Cash or Accrual Accounting? The crucial differences in each process and how it impacts the way you record transactions
  • How debits and credits are misunderstood by all too many managers (it often leads to big problems down the line)
  • The #1 mistake we make when dealing with financial information and how it can all too quickly turn into a huge avalanche of errors
  • Nonprofit vs. for-profits: the surprising similarities in each type of organization and the impact it has on management
  • How to tell if someone is trying to snow you under with an avalanche of numbers and what you can do to stay on top

Easily Interpret Financial Statements

  • Discover the one part of financial statements most people overlook (and why it's a HUGE mistake)
  • Crash Course 101: the only accounting principles you need to know to understand your organization's financial statements
  • How to X-ray the financial health of your department ... your company ... and even your competitors
  • Baffled by balance sheets? How to find and focus on the information you need to get a clear snapshot of your organization's finances
  • Hot Topic! How to use financial statements to spot opportunities (and weaknesses!) within your company
  • Confused by statements of cash flow? How to navigate the numbers and uncover powerful information you can actually use
  • How to spot red flags in financial reports that warrant immediate investigation (miss these and your company could be at risk)
  • Income Statements Demystified: how to gain a true understanding of how well your company is doing right now

Expertly Use Numbers to Your Advantage

  • How to quickly and accurately record and track business transactions so you can get whatever you need at a moment's notice
  • How smart professionals use the numbers to ensure they capture and keep their share of the budget
  • Finance Cheat Sheet! This helpful guide makes the math a breeze (even for people who hate working with numbers)
  • The 2 most important words in business today: Cash Flow! Why it's critical you understand the incredible impact company-wide
  • Trade Secret! The single most effective way to win a debate with number crunchers (they really don't want you to know this)
  • Budget Power-Up: proven-effective strategies you can use to help you achieve your financial goals
  • Tips and strategies on how to handle the numbers when you're judged by how well you meet tough financial targets
  • How to quickly and painlessly prepare accurate forecasts (it's easier than you ever thought possible)

Make Better Business Decisions

  • How finance is the key to great decision making ... ignore this and you might as well depend on magical money fairies for success
  • Three terrific techniques for justifying major expenses that'll prove you made the right choice every single time
  • Buy or lease? How to put your mind at ease and quickly determine which is the smartest financial decision for you right now
  • How to determine if you're spending enough ... on target ... or completely blowing your budget
  • Knowledge Is Power: how to avoid Analysis Paralysis and confidently move forward when you uncover critical information
  • Financial Health Check: how smart managers adapt when their companies are doing well ... or going through tough times
  • Warning! The one step you must take before making any important financial decision ... skip this at your own risk
  • How to track and present the financial consequences of your decisions (and gain new respect from upper management)


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