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How to Handle Personality Clashes in the Workplace On-Site Training

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Don't let personal disagreements drag your productivity down - learn how to overcome them.

Course Description/Agenda

Nothing destroys morale faster in a workplace than personality clashes. When two (or more) people can't get along for whatever reason, it drags down the entire organization. But what can you do? You can't force people who dislike one another to become friends.

That's where How to Handle Personality Clashes in the Workplace comes in. This one-day training event has the strategies you need to overcome hostility and dislike and create a better, more professional work environment right away.

Decrease hostility and improve motivation with the skills you learn here.

How to Handle Personality Clashes in the Workplace is a fast-paced and effective one-day course that's exactly what you've been looking for. Jam-packed with the strategies you need to overcome personality clashes, the strategies you learn here will help you take your organization from a war zone to a professional workplace in no time.

Sign up for How to Handle Personality Clashes in the Workplace and you'll learn how to:

  • Identify and eliminate the causes of personality conflicts before they arise
  • Maintain your professionalism, even when others around you aren't
  • Defuse the situation with a joke or other tension reliever
  • And much more!

Get to the root of the problem to find real solutions - we'll show you how!

When personalities clash in the workplace, it's easy to take sides. And while it may appear that one person is just an obnoxious jerk, there's usually more to the situation. Maybe he's having issues in his home life and they're carrying over to work. Maybe your less-than-pleasant coworker simply doesn't realize her behavior is offensive. And more often than not, personality clashes are a two-way street.

Sign up for How to Handle Personality Clashes in the Workplace now and learn how to get to the root of personality clashes and get real results. What are you waiting for? A world of better relationships is waiting for you!


Personality Clashes: The Basics

  • Common underlying causes of personality clashes
  • The negative impact of personality clashes on workplace morale
  • How communication failures can lead to conflicts
  • The role of gossip, back-biting, and office politics in employee confrontations
  • Different values, backgrounds, and priorities: how these can lead to conflict and how to form a common goal
  • How to prevent a small conflict from spreading

Getting to the Root of the Problem: What's Really Going On

  • Identifying sore spots and problem issues in your coworkers
  • How to spot issues early and proactively handle attitude problems before they're out of hand
  • Understand why certain employees behave the way they do and not the way you want them to
  • Finding a way to separate emotions from the facts of the situation
  • Personal loyalties and how others get sucked into personal disputes

Maintaining Professionalism: A How-to Guide

  • Delivering criticism in a way that doesn't offend and creates positive change
  • Dealing with negative and hostile people without stooping to their level
  • Why techniques like pouting, the silent treatment, and other negative responses do more harm than good
  • Strategies for delivering difficult things in a non-confrontational manner
  • How to work with people who drive you up the wall

Defusing the Situation

  • Humor: how a joke can sometimes help and sometimes make a situation worse
  • How to keep one bad apple from disrupting the effectiveness of the team
  • Mediation: who should do it and what to expect
  • Initiating frank, open discussions to solve problems
  • 5 strategies for easing tensions when things are threatening to explode

Overcoming Personal Feelings for the Common Good

  • 5 simple steps to banishing hostility
  • Stop, listen, think: how to avoid overreacting
  • Important dos and don'ts during conflict and confrontation
  • Maintaining objectivity: simple strategies with big rewards
  • Making sure you're sending the right message

Keeping Emotions in Check - Expert Strategies

  • The importance of cooling off and getting control
  • Tips for regaining control when you feel yourself losing control of your emotions
  • Identifying your emotions and understanding your role in the conflict
  • Accepting limitations (both yours and others') and working to overcome them
  • Taking personal responsibility for your mistakes and how to encourage others to follow suit

Managing the Aftermath and How to Get Back to Normal

  • How to follow up once personality clashes have been settled
  • Eliminating grudges and how to make sure the conflict is truly over
  • Breaking down barriers for a better work environment
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with people you have clashed with in the past
  • Heading off potential conflicts before they arise


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