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Social Intelligence for Leaders On-Site Training

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Foster a positive and united team that is driven to succeed

Course Description/Agenda

As a leader, people across your organization are looking at you ... your actions ... your moods ... and your behaviors as a guide. Leaders can set the tone for success ... and failure. Your energy can alter your team and your organization - with positive and negative results. Studies show that how you act can directly impact how your team acts. If you're easygoing, your team will have similar behaviors. And all good leaders know that shared behaviors create unity and united teams are happier, more productive, and more successful.

As leaders, we have to ask ourselves, "What tone am I setting? How are my actions inspiring my team?"

Social Intelligence (SI) is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for strengthening your leadership and your team. The seven key skills are more than just theory ... more than just boosting your "people skills" - they're about learning and understanding how people behave both individually and as a group.

SI opens your eyes to how you come across to others and how your team's behaviors can clue you in to what they want and need from you. Most importantly, SI helps you bridge the two for a successful, collaborative team that gets phenomenal results.

This workshop breaks down the science behind SI so you can quickly learn and apply the skills on the job. You'll learn how to:

  • Manage your emotions in tough situations
  • Understand and influence others
  • Successfully navigate through office politics
  • Motivate your team
  • Encourage collaboration across organizational boundaries

Go Beyond Theory - Create a Plan for Change

Get ready to go to work. This workshop goes beyond textbook theory and lecture with an application approach that lets you practice SI skills before you go back to work. You'll also leave with a personal Action Plan for changing and maximizing your SI.

If you want to rise above the average leader, you have to have a socially aware mind-set. In today's multigenerational, culturally diverse work force, you have to know your team and how to influence them to get greater results.

Register for the workshop to find out how your SI rates, how to improve your SI quotient, and how to make lasting, positive change for your team.


Leadership Intelligence

  • Understanding what leadership intelligence is and isn't
  • Breaking down leadership intelligence
    • Organizational intelligence
    • Technical skills and intelligence
    • Industry intelligence
    • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
    • Social intelligence (SI)
  • How leaders use intelligence to manage and lead teams
  • Emotional vs. Social Intelligence - the difference, similarities, and how they work together

Biology, Chemistry, and Their Impact on the Workplace

  • Discover how empathy can influence team behavior
  • Adjust your empathy awareness to meet your team's different needs
  • The roles "good instincts" and "trusting your gut" play in leadership

Discovering the 7 Keys to Social Intelligence

  • Empathy
  • Attunement
  • Organizational awareness
  • Influence
  • Developing others
  • Inspiration
  • Teamwork

Your Social Intelligence Factor

  • Take a self-assessment and discover your SI
  • How to get feedback from others on your SI
  • Recognize how to interpret your SI through interactions with others

Leadership and Social Intelligence

  • Essential leadership responsibilities where SI is fundamental
  • How your work environment can impact SI and vice versa
  • SI and performance feedback - dos and don'ts for maximizing feedback
  • Using SI to manage and implement change
  • How SI can impact motivation and productivity
  • Reading your team's SI and how to adjust your own to meet their needs

Social Intelligence Personal Development

  • Identify personal perspectives and bias that can hinder how you work with others
  • Strengthening your SI to reduce stress
  • How to use SI to increase your ability to impact organizational change and influence others
  • How to leverage SI in conflict and emotionally charged situations

Improving Your SI - Creating a Plan for Change

  • Implement an Action Plan to change behaviors and maximize SI
  • Learn what to do if you are an introverted leader
  • Trial and error: how to strengthen SI
    • How to prepare for implementing behavior changes with your team
    • How to respond when you make an attempt and it fails ... and learn where to go next

Workshop Exclusive - Your Plan for Change
Go beyond theory with practical application. You'll leave this workshop with a complete personal plan for improving your SI. You'll also leave with templates that help you create new behaviors and reinforce SI.


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