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Igniting Success: A Seminar for Leaders On-Site Training

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Get FIRED UP for a transformational day of professional development exclusively for leaders.

Course Description/Agenda

There's Never Been a Greater Need for Leaders Who Know How to "Light Fires"

There's a sickness in the workplace. Call it apathy ... call it weariness ... call it indifference ... or call it lack of engagement, as that's the buzzword for it nowadays.

It doesn't matter what you call it, just understand that it's real, it's powerful, and it's your job as a leader to address it. Igniting Success: A Seminar for Leaders is the training that's going to help you do that. It's the super-boost of energy and information you need to create a whole new level of commitment ... and achieve a whole new level of success!

We begin with the basics, which are:

  • You can't ignite anything in anyone else, until you've first ignited the fire within.
  • You can't see the world differently by standing in the same place, looking through the same lenses.
  • You can't do everything on your own. Leaders know when and how to enlist the help they need!

If you're ready to take your leadership game to a whole new level, if you're ready to IGNITE phenomenal success ... there's no better way and no better place than at Igniting Success: A Seminar for Leaders.

Come to this program expecting:

An energizing learning environment ...
Want to spend a full day listening to a speaker drone on and on about theories? We didn't think so! That's why we created a fast-paced, lively atmosphere where we employ the latest learning technologies ... including videos, polling, and more ... that make the learning concepts come alive!

An unusual learning process ...
Get ready to get off your chair and on your feet, because this is active learning at its very best! When you attend this seminar, you'll participate in practical applications and fun simulations that'll help you master key learning points. With our accelerated learning process, we guarantee you'll learn more and retain more of what you learn!

A rare opportunity to learn with and from other leaders ...
Most would-be leadership superstars never reach their full potential, because they don't spend enough time interacting with and learning from other leaders. This seminar offers ample opportunity to build your professional network by meeting the movers and shakers in your area.

A thought-provoking professional facilitator ...
We could send in an expert speaker to this seminar who would tell you what to do. We're not going to do that. Instead, you'll learn from a master leadership development facilitator who'll help you think through your challenges. We don't fish ... we teach you how to fish!

It all adds up to a remarkably effective way to IGNITE your leadership potential and send results skyrocketing! Don't miss out ? reserve your seat in Igniting Success: A Seminar for Leaders TODAY!


Ignite Your Full Leadership Potential!
Exceptional leaders share certain qualities that are absolutely unmistakable: They're visionary ... influential ... decisive ... emotionally intelligent ... powerful ... inspirational.

If you want to unleash your full potential, you need to understand and embrace the core leadership truths and master the unbreakable laws of leadership that are the foundation for every great leadership career. You'll learn these laws and truths in this training.

Ignite a Winning Leadership Style!
It's a fact: there's no one like you. You'll never achieve your best by trying to mimic someone else. Still, as a leader you will be called upon to adapt your personal style and demonstrate considerable flexibility. Make no mistake ? your willingness to flex will be put to the test!

In this seminar session, you'll explore how to use your natural talents and strengths to their full advantage, as well as how and when to adapt to situations that require a different approach.

Ignite Unlimited Creativity!
Whether you know it or not, you're a prisoner ... a prisoner of the way you've learned to look at and process your world ... a prisoner of the way "it's always been done." It's time for some breakthrough thinking!

Your seminar facilitator will guide you through powerful decision making and problem-solving scenarios where you'll be called upon to break free of thinking traps and blinding habits that keep you from seeing the bigger picture. This session alone is worth the price of the training!

Ignite Employee Drive and Dedication!
As a leader, your energy directly impacts the energy of your team. Your words and actions impact the intensity with which your employees embrace team goals. If you want to ignite a new level of excitement, passion, and energy in your team ... it all begins with you!

In this session, you'll discover what it takes to create a dramatic, positive shift in team results. We'll employ simulations drawn from the real world to shed new light on how to "fire up" your team!

Ignite Positive, Powerful Change!
Have you ever tried to lead your team through a significant change? It's not easy, is it? Successful leaders understand the importance of becoming master change agents for their teams ... it's a skill you must possess!

Creating lasting change seldom happens by a mandate from above. It requires disciplined focus and strategic effort applied consistently over time. We'll reveal the powerful steps to leading your team through change here.

Ignite A Spectacular Leadership Career!
As a leader, what's most important to you? Do you know where you'd like to be in your career next year ... in five years ... in 10? Do you have a plan for achieving those goals?

Leaders who win big are leaders who know what they want and have a plan for achieving it. This closing session offers some invaluable insight that'll set the stage for your success for years to come!


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