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Thinking Inside the Box On-Site Training

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A One-Day Creative Solutions Workshop

Course Description/Agenda

Come up with new solutions to break through your toughest obstacles!

For years, when you've faced a challenge at work, you've been told to "think outside the box" for solutions. The problem is that you've heard that so often it has become a mindnumbing cliche that has lost all meaning. Steven tweaks this old concept by showing you why the most successful people think INSIDE the box to achieve things that many thought impossible.

Join us for this one-day workshop and when you get back to work, you'll be able to overcome your biggest obstacles, human or otherwise. You'll discover how to facilitate cooperation with others that unleashes the most formidable work teams your company has ever seen. Finally, you'll learn the three questions you can ask that are guaranteed to uncover new ideas and strategies and make everything you touch more effective and productive.

For you, this training is inspirational in all the right ways and will leave you full of ideas you'll want to put into action the moment you go home. Yes, past attendees have told us that they didn't even wait until they got back to the office to start their creativity transformation.

And best of all, Thinking Inside the Box is presented by the one-and-only Steven Iwersen!! One of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the country, Steven has graciously agreed to share his unique technique of thinking INSIDE the box with businesspeople - just like you - who know in their bones there is a BETTER way to do things.

So don't wait! Enroll today to see Mr. Steven Iwersen in person and discover what thousands of successful business pros already know. The best path to achievement and satisfaction is by thinking INSIDE the box!

Meet Your Speaker - Steven Iwersen
Steven Iwersen has been a professional speaker for more than 27 years and has been in active leadership roles since 1981. He is a keynote speaker who breaks through the usual and cliche by using the unexpected. He inspires and involves the audience and creates breakthrough insights.

Steven is the author of Chasing Porcupines: How to Lead Prickly People and president of Aurora Pointe, LLC, a speaking and leadership development firm. He teaches audiences how to gain focus on the essentials that create greater personal potential and a positive influence on others.

He speaks at conventions, at conferences, and in private training events for nonprofit and corporate clients all across the country. His audiences have included leaders from the FBI, Jet Propulsion Labs, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Hallmark, Kenworth, and more.

He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and is the past president of its Heartland Chapter. He is currently serving the association as a chapter leadership consultant. He is also an entertainer, singing the standards of the Sinatra era with a big band.


Join Us and Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How truly successful people are hardwired to think all the time
  • Tactfully challenge the status quo without stepping on toes so new opportunities can arise
  • Harness the power of positive persuasion to redirect negativity for the better
  • Foolproof ways to get people to let go of the past and seriously consider new solutions
  • Foster your confidence and leadership skills to guide others through difficult times and periods of change
  • Build a workplace culture that cultivates, accepts, expects, and rewards innovative thinking
  • Develop bulletproof self-confidence to get through ork's most uncertain circumstances
  • Discover how to facilitate seamless collaboration so your team gets more done in less time
  • Learn how to plan and lead meetings that generate accountabilit- and that people actually want to attend!
  • The three most powerful questions you can ask to uncover new ideas and inventive strategies
  • Instantly increase your credibility and influence by honing your listening skills
  • The critical difference between popular thinking (bad) and shared thinking (good) and how to activate shared thinking throughout your organization
  • How you can develop the 3 Legs of Leadership: Being Assertive, Building Trust, and Creating Momentum
  • How to seamlessly shift from creative thinking to strategic thinking when action is needed
  • Discover and implement the key factors that successful leaders must possess in order to empower others to do great things
  • How to develop a strategy for personal and professional growth

Workshop Bonus!
This is a fun - but INTENSE ' day of training that will literally change your ability to do your job, and we don't expect you to remember everything we cover. That's why, with your paid registration fee, you'll go back to the office with these free resources:

  • The Thinking Inside the Box Workboo Packed with all the important information given out in the seminar with plenty of room for your personal notes, this could become your most valuable resource back at work as you successfully implement your new-found skills.
  • The "Sparking Your Imagination" Tool K This kit gives your creativity a boost to solve your most challenging problems, and yoll learn how to use your tool kit at work to overcome tough obstacles, whether yo're by yourself or in a group.


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