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Grammar Crash Course (Half Day Morning Workshop) On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Your professional reputation depends on your written communication abilities!

Course Description/Agenda

Clients, supervisors, even coworkers may not even always know they're doing it - but they're judging you on your written communication skills. Grammar mistakes aren't simply embarrassing - they can impact how people perceive your intelligence and credibility. Poorly written memos, emails, or reports can not only cause misunderstandings or project delays, they can even create career-derailing mistakes that can haunt you for years!

If your professional reputation matters to you - if you want to be seen as the expert you are, you need to make absolutely sure that everything you write is polished, professional, and grammatically correct. Your career depends upon it!

That's why we've created this special two-part seminar.

Morning Workshop: Grammar Crash Course
Need to brush up on your grammar? Attend Grammar Crash Course in the morning and refresh the practical skills that are the foundation of good writing.

(SEPARATE SEMINAR - MUST REGISISTER SEPARATELY) Afternoon Workshop: Business Writing Basics
Want to improve your reputation and credibility by making sure that everything you write is clear, concise, and professional? Attend Business Writing Basics in the afternoon and really polish your written communication abilities.

Each half-day training is a complete, focused training in and of itself - and will dramatically improve your written communication, making your job easier and less stressful.


The Power of Proper Punctuation

  • The worst punctuation mistakes you can make - and how to prevent them
  • The right way to use quotation marks and how to make them work with other punctuation
  • When - and where - you should use a semicolon over a comma
  • Demystifying apostrophe-"s" vs. "s"-apostrophe
  • Understanding the power of parentheses and when to use them
  • Punctuation rules that are made to be broken

Spelling Secrets That Will Save Your Skin

  • When spell-check is your friend - and the common mistakes it'll never catch
  • 5 golden spelling rules you HAVE to know
  • Is it e-mail, email, or E-mail? Resources to stay up to date on our changing word usage
  • "Occurring" or "occuring"? How to make sure you're ending your words correctly!

Getting the Details Right

  • ASAP, FYI, IDK: which acronyms are safe to use - and where!
  • Words that are misused "a lot," "irregardless" of the fact they don't actually exist!
  • When it's safe to use abbreviations - and when you should make sure to spell everything out
  • Will you be affected or effected? Ensured or insured? How to distinguish some of the trickiest


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National Seminars Group

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