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Mastering the Leadership Secrets of Remarkable People On-Site Training

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Don't just be in charge, be a GREAT leader - we'll show you how.

Course Description/Agenda

Wouldn?t you love to have the charisma of JFK? How about the reassuring confidence of Winston Churchill? Maybe the bravery and dedication of Susan B. Anthony? Of course you would; who wouldn?t?

Well, believe it or not, most remarkable people throughout history weren?t born that way. Instead, they mastered the skills of leadership through long hours of training and dedication, studying the examples of those who came before them. But you?re a busy person. You don?t have time for that. And that?s exactly why you can?t afford to miss Mastering the Leadership Secrets of Remarkable People.

The secrets of great leaders are yours for the taking ? reach out and grab them!

Great leadership is not some mystical skill only available to a select few. Like almost anything else, it?s a skill that takes training and practice. But guess what? We?re offering you a shortcut. Instead of poring over biographies and leadership books, using trial and error, or otherwise figuring things out on your own, we?re providing you with the secrets of exceptional leaders in a convenient one-day seminar. Sign up for Mastering the Leadership Secrets of Remarkable People and you?ll learn:

  • How to find the leader inside you
  • Strategies for overcoming fear and doubt
  • The importance of character
  • And more!

Remarkable people aren?t so different from ordinary ones ? learn how to bring out the exceptional leader inside!

Everyone has the potential for greatness inside them. In fact, the ability to inspire those around you to greatness probably isn?t so far from the surface. You just need a little help to rise to the top. And that?s why you need Mastering the Leadership Secrets of Remarkable People. If you want to be a great leader and do great things, then you won?t want to miss this training. Don?t wait, sign up now!


What Makes a Good Leader?

  • What separates an average leader from a great one
  • Common traits shared by great leaders
  • Dedication and a willingness to grow ? why these are a leader?s most important traits
  • Why character trumps skill every time
  • Confidence and courage: traits shared by all great leaders

Learning Lessons From Others? Experiences

  • Great leaders from history and what you can learn from them
  • Why great leaders never settle for good enough
  • How to benefit from mistakes and missteps made by others
  • Learning from those around you, both above and below
  • Identifying your own personal influences and why they?ve made such a big impact on you

Challenges and Risks All Leaders Face

  • Understanding the difference between calculated risktaking and gambling
  • Due diligence and conducting a risk assessment
  • Knowing your bottom line: how to determine when to pull the plug
  • How to prepare yourself for jumping into the unknown
  • Challenging yourself ? and your team ? to step outside comfort zones
  • Overcoming fears: of failure, of ridicule, of rejection, and of the unknown
  • The 3 questions you must ask yourself before moving forward

Specific Lessons From Great Leaders

  • Lessons from the Navy SEALs on the strength of will and desire
  • George Washington and the importance of foresight and planning
  • Maintaining a calm exterior and rousing others to action: lessons learned from Winston Churchill
  • Susan B. Anthony and Nelson Mandela ? why great leaders stand up for what is right no matter what
  • Steve Jobs and the power of innovation
  • Great leaders from history and lessons you can learn from them

The Secrets to Becoming a Great Leader

  • Finding the potential for greatness inside you
  • Why great leaders can?t be afraid to fail
  • 3 simple character-building exercises
  • Drawing on past experiences to power through new obstacles
  • How learning from past mistakes can be your most valuable asset

Developing Your Own Leadership Style

  • Understanding your unique leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • The seven types of leadership: examples from history
  • Creating a leadership role model and modeling your behavior after him or her
  • How to approach even the most difficult tasks with confidence
  • Ownership and control techniques that keep you moving forward
  • The power of a great support network and people who believe in you

Understanding the Power of Lifelong Learning

  • The one question you should ask yourself each and every day
  • The invigorating power of new ideas and why the pursuit of knowledge is so critical
  • How to routinely incorporate learning and new knowledge into your life
  • Keeping a ?to learn? list ? and following through!
  • The importance of trying and testing new ideas ? as soon as possible
  • Cultivating and encouraging learning in those around you
  • The power of sharing information ? with the right people and at the right time
  • Become a thought leader in your field

Self-Reflection and Awareness: The Remarkable Leader?s Greatest Trait

  • Great techniques for increasing your self-awareness
  • Powerful self-assessment tools you can use to really know your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to assess group and organizational cultures and read critical cues
  • The importance of relationship building and understanding


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