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Success Strategies for Introverted Leaders On-Site Training

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Introducing a new seminar that helps you tackle the challenges and capitalize on advantages of being an introvert in a leadership role

Course Description/Agenda

FACT: Introverts Are Often Misunderstood, and That Can Negatively Impact How You?re Seen as a Leader

Let?s face it: in general, extroverts are much easier to read than introverts. Extroverts think out loud and don?t hesitate to share their ideas without vetting them internally first. Their nature is to be bold and gregarious, even dominant, traits that people often associate with leaders.

Introverts are generally quieter and more reserved. They are less likely to put their ideas on the table until they?ve had sufficient time to think them through. Unfortunately, this can leave room for misinterpretation of the introvert?s intentions as well as undervaluation of his or her leadership abilities.

As an introvert, you need to help people understand what you believe and what you?re thinking ? it?s critical that you be seen as a leader! You can?t afford to come across as unenthusiastic or weak; you can?t afford to have others question your ability to lead. You must be on guard so you won?t be seen as ...

  • Uncaring or insensitive
  • Unable to take command and control of a situation
  • Withholding or uncooperative
  • Disinterested about what others think
  • Too soft-spoken to be an effective leader

These are all real threats to not only your ability to lead successfully ? but also to your career growth!

When you attend Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader, you?ll learn all about the dangers of being misunderstood and how to adjust your communication style to make sure you?re seen as a competent, capable, cooperative leader who knows how to get things done.


I. Introversion and Leadership

  • What does being an introvert really mean?
  • Introvert vs. extrovert ? key differences
  • Common leadership challenges for introverts
  • The advantages of being an introvert in a leadership role
  • Can someone be an ?ambivert? ? a blend of both an introvert and extrovert?

II. Being Seen as a Credible and Confident Leader

  • Strength isn?t always loud; using your quiet nature to your advantage
  • Secrets to being seen as a take-charge leader who exudes confidence and authority
  • How to overcome the ?not a team player? perception many introverts face
  • Ways your reflective nature helps and hinders how others perceive you
  • Leadership secrets for working with both introverted and extroverted employees

III. Communication 101 for Introverted Leaders

  • Understanding extroverts and what they want and need from you
  • Increase your communication effectiveness ? learn to speak ?extrovert? when you need to
  • Getting your voice heard at the management table
  • Communication essentials for handling typical employee interactions
  • Public speaking tips for coming across as intelligent and dynamic

IV. Influence and Relationship Skills

  • How to develop a strong team environment even when you don?t have a bold charismatic personality
  • Rapport-building secrets for connecting with anyone
  • Keys to building a great working relationship with an extroverted boss
  • How to keep from getting steamrolled by more extroverted colleagues and employees
  • The basic rules of influencing people at any level

V. Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

  • Networking secrets for people who dread networking: coming across as friendly and comfortable in any situation
  • Knowing when and how you must step outside your ?introvert?s comfort zone?
  • Silence can be a career killer: how to speak up in situations when you?re really not ready to speak yet
  • How to keep your energy up and overcome the energy drain that sometimes comes from being around high-energy people for a prolonged period of time
  • When you?re the center of attention: get comfortable with being in the spotlight

VI. Setting the Stage for Career Growth

  • Self-promotion secrets for introverted leaders
  • How to be seen as a next-level person
  • Using your strengths to your ultimate career advantage
  • Know what you want ? and go for it!


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