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The Psychology of Marketing On-Site Training

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This course is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of human psychology that have a big impact on response to marketing and purchasing behavior

Course Description/Agenda

To get big results in any market climate, you must understand consumer psychology and what really drives choices and loyalty, consciously and unconsciously. To maximize results, direct marketers need to develop psychological/emotional profiles for core customers, and then build data strategies to successfully find and reach like minds Marketing without psychological relevance and a keen understanding of data falls short every time. This session is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of human psychology that have a big impact on response to marketing and purchasing behavior.

The session will share insights about consumer psychology that drives behavior, the five critical elements for consumer happiness, what gets attention from the unconscious mind, what inspires our conscious behavior, and how to develop direct marketing campaigns that create engagement, loyalty, and brand passion. Partnerships will discover how the unconscious mind drives attitudes toward brands and their messages, and how to appeal to the psychological triggers of choice. Even experienced marketers will be surprised to learn how color, words, images, and other creative elements impact attitudes toward brands, engagement, an d results.

Beyond learning critical psychological fundamentals and theories upon which successful campaigns are built, participants will learn how to develop a step by step comprehensive marketing pro gram utilizing these insights. The course will culminate by building an actual psychologically relevant messaging strategy for one attendee. Upon enrollment for the course , an application for this free strategy component will be provided. Participants may submit their brand as the case study to be developed. The selected brand will be chosen by course instructors prior to the event based upon summaries submitted in advance.


  • Fundamentals of Behavioral Economics and how these critical findings apply beyond the finance world
  • Examples of emotionally powerful ads vs. entertaining ads that don?t sale
  • The psychological impact of color, images and how different colors connect or disconnect consumers to your brand
  • How creative unconsciously creates perceived brand attributes, good and bad
  • Testing psychological appeals and data models
  • Assessing data intelligence for long-term strategies

Workshop Agenda

Day 1: 9:00 A.M. 5:00 P.M.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in.

Introduction to Psychology and Human Behavior

Core theories and principals every marketer must know about include:

  • How we think
  • What we seek
  • Who and what we trust
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Color Psychology
  • Behavioral economics fundamentals
  • Marketing to the Irrational Mind
  • Opposing Affective Systems

Emotionally Powerful Creative Approaches

Examples of psychological relevance in direct marketing and techniques for maximizing various elements such as:

  • Colors and fonts
  • Message
  • Offers
  • Persona
  • Framing

Case Study: Increasing Revenues by 640%

This case study will show how psychological relevance increased revenues over a control piece by 640% and achieved a 31 x ROI for a completely unnecessary luxury product in t he middle of an economic recession.

Direct Feedback: Review of participant?s existing campaigns

Each participant will be asked to bring an example of a current direct marketing campaign or mailer. We will review these pieces as a group and briefly assess the emotional impact of each to give each participant a starting point. This will occur as time allows.

  • Components of Successful PBM Campaigns
  • Discovery ? research to identify emotional triggers
  • Analysis of customer groups: emotional, generational, cu lture, age, demographic and other influencers
  • Psychology profiles
  • Data profiles
  • Messaging strategies
  • Creative for A/B tests or more
  • Data analysis and modeling strategies
  • Testing: Setting up a multi variable test to determine best creative, offers, messaging and data strategies

Day 2: 9:00 A.M. 4:00 P.M.

Psychological Profiling for the Marketing World

Creating Psychological Profiles from Research, Data, and Human Nature

  • Emotional references
  • Generational, social, cultural, and education influences
  • Levels of advisability
  • Personality types within the category
  • Values associated with defined lifestyles
  • Responses to discovery surveys identifying the processes, needs an d values associated with purchase
  • Analysis of transactional and compiled data

Data modeling for psychological relevance (Epsilon guest presenter)

  • How to use data to understand customers better to improve offers, product lines, and create potential partnerships
  • Using data analytics to create a balanced approach of reactivation and acquisition direct marketing which enhances overall ROI
  • How to assess data driven intelligence to better understand what customers are doing outside of what information i s included in customer file
  • Build a futures model based on ?what if? scenarios for reactivation and acquisition

Case Studies of Data Strategies that Increased Revenue, ROI, and LTV

  • Epsilon guest presenter, Tim Prunk, Executive VP, Data Solutions

The Power of Direct Marketing

  • Understanding ROI of various marketing channels
  • Measuring true results of direct marketing

The Exponential Power of Personalization and Psychology Based Marketing

  • Personalization strategies for all budgets (Potential Xerox guest presenter)
  • Case studies on how personalized direct marketing built on relevant data models and psychological relevance can take results through the roof

Group Think:

Build a psychologically relevant campaign for selected participant?s brand. As guest pre senters are available, this exercise will cover messaging and positioning guidance along with insight on data and personalization strategies.

Outline is subject to change.


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