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How to Influence People On-Site Training

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Get more buy-in with less stress and headaches

Course Description/Agenda

It?s impossible to be successful without the help of others ? learn how to get them to buy in to your vision.

Your job requires you to influence people all the time. Whether it?s getting buy-in from fellow employees, emphasizing priorities from other departments, or swaying your boss that your idea is the best one, you need to be able to persuade other people. That?s why you can?t afford to miss How to Influence People.

If you?re tired of fighting with your coworkers and want to start getting the support and results you need right away, then don?t wait. Sign up right now ? a world of better results and relationships is waiting.

You know your work is important ? get others to see it too!

If you want to be effective at your job, if you want to get things done, then one of the most important skills you can have is the ability to influence others. But if you?re reading this, there?s a good chance you?re not a natural salesperson who can bend others to your way of thinking with skill and grace.

Don?t worry, you?re not alone. It?s a difficult skill to master and one that very few people are born with. And that?s why we?ve developed How to Influence People, a one-day course specifically designed to give you the tools you need to start bringing others around to your way of thinking.


Influence: The Basics

  • 5 universal principles of influence and how to use them
  • Finding the right decision maker
  • The importance of your leadership style on influencing others
  • Tit-for-tat: why reciprocity on your part is important

Developing a Strategy

  • The target?s personality and how it affects his or her decision making
  • Finding the best approach for each individual
  • Getting your way through diplomacy
  • When to play hardball and when to take a softer approach
  • Why it?s important to do your homework before attempting to influence others

Techniques to Influence Others

  • Power, position, and status: three easy ways to influence
  • How to get your way when you don?t have authority
  • Creating empathy to help others see your point of view
  • The importance of listening skills in influence

Influence and Personal Interactions

  • The role your personality has in getting your way
  • Motivation tricks to help you generate goodwill
  • Saying ?no? the right way
  • Using feedback to get the results you need
  • Identifying the desires and needs of others

Getting What You Want

  • How to phrase a request for best results
  • Listening to what people are really saying
  • How to use emotions to your advantage
  • Empowering others and making them feel valued

Appeals to Logic

  • Using civil discourse to your advantage
  • Backing up your point of view with facts and data
  • Identifying potential objections and heading them off
  • What to do when people won?t listen to reason

The Fundamentals of Bargaining

  • Why you sometimes have to give something in return to get what you want
  • Reciprocity: why being owed a favor is a good thing
  • Finding a common ground when you seem to be at odds
  • Knowing when to walk away

Presenting Your Ideas for Maximum Impact

  • Salesmanship that looks like leadership
  • Framing your message delivery for maximum reception
  • Evaluating the situation and recognizing when you should change your approach
  • Making an impact: how a dramatic flourish or stunning visual can help your cause


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