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The Manager's Role in Developing People On-Site Training

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When You Make Sure Your Employees Are Growing, You Guarantee Your Leadership Career Will Grow, Too

Course Description/Agenda

Growing People Is An Essential Leadership Skill

As a leader, it's not just a good idea to develop your employees - it's expected of you. In fact, developing people so you can produce superior results through those people is the name of the game in leadership.

Sadly, most managers are getting a FAILING grade in this area. Why? They just don't consider it a top priority ... or they have no idea how to go about making it happen.

That's why we've introduced The Manager's Role in Developing People ... to take the time-consuming hassle and confusion out of growing your employees' talents and skills.

This training offers a practical approach to learning the ins and outs of employee development. You'll learn how to develop your "high potentials", your "competent core", and those underachievers who are constantly giving you headaches. We'll show you how to align individual development needs with the ever-changing talent needs of your department and your organization. Plus, you'll get hands-on practice solving tough development challenges through our fun and enlightening simulations and practical application exercises.

It's a day of professional development for you that'll pay for itself time and again throughout your career. Don't miss this powerful learning experience. Enroll in The Manager's Role in Developing People seminar today!

  • The principles of developing employees
  • What belongs in an employee development plan?
  • Why every employee should have an employee development plan
  • How employee development plans differ for:
    • High potentials
    • The "competent core" - your solid staff members
    • Underachieving employees
  • The employee's role vs. the manager's role in developing the plan
  • How to identify employee strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth
  • Aligning individual development needs with organizational needs
  • Understanding the employees' needs, interests, and ambitions
  • Does an employee have to be interested in career growth to have a development plan?
  • Creating the plan
    • What must be included
    • What might be included
    • How to communicate the plan to the employee
  • Methods for development and growth
    • Formal training - live, online, other
    • Mentor programs
    • Team assignments
    • Job rotation
    • Stretch assignments
  • When the plan isn't working
    • What to do when the employee isn't following the plan
    • How to know when it's time to adjust the plan
  • The important role of regular follow-up


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group

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