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Giving and Receiving Feedback and Constructive Criticism On-Site Training

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Give vs. receive: there's a big difference, and it's important to master BOTH!

Course Description/Agenda

Give vs. Receive: There's a Big Difference, and It's Important to Master BOTH!

Every time two or more people get together to discuss anything in the workplace, an opportunity exists to either build relationships or damage them. So when it comes to discussions that require absolute clarity (feedback) and/or potentially sensitive subjects (criticism), it's important that you are skilled enough to handle whatever comes your way ... regardless of which side of the table you happen to be sitting at.

We developed the Giving and Receiving Feedback and Constructive Criticism seminar to help you handle yourself professionally and effectively in every situation you face. Regardless of your title, there are basically four distinct roles you play when it comes to feedback and criticism, and each requires a different effort and strategy from you. Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn in this training that will make you both a better GIVER and RECEIVER of feedback and criticism ...

GIVING FEEDBACK: The rules of giving feedback are pretty clear ? make sure the person receiving the message knows what you're saying and why you're saying it.

Effectively communicating feedback to achieve those goals isn't always easy ... especially when the message is complex or the receiver isn't listening. We'll show you the techniques that'll help you get your message across effectively every time.

RECEIVING FEEDBACK: When you're receiving feedback from others, it's your job to make sure that you completely understand what they're saying and why they're saying it ... as well as what you're supposed to do next.

At this seminar you'll learn how to ask probing and clarifying questions to make sure you understand and can act upon the feedback in appropriate ways ... even if the person delivering feedback is flat-out lousy at making him- or herself clear!

GIVING CRITICISM: When it comes to giving criticism, you must focus on making that criticism 100% constructive. Egos are fragile and important relationships are on the line.

You can't afford to be wishy-washy and have your message go unheard, nor can you afford to damage relationships by offering scathing criticism. There's a fine line here and it's one you don't want to cross! In this training, you'll learn how to give honest, helpful criticism in a way that builds understanding and cooperation.

RECEIVING CRITICISM: Hands down, this is the hardest challenge you face in the workplace. The simple truth is that sometimes you're going to receive criticism that may be well-intentioned, but that feels like someone is pelting you with a ton of bricks. That's when your professionalism is put to the test.

This doesn't mean you have to take anything anyone dishes out, but it does mean that you need to be strong enough to not overreact and smart enough to probe for the real message. We'll show you how to do that when you attend this seminar!


I. Handling Personalities

  • Develop a sense of trust and open the lines of communication so feedback becomes a part of the culture
  • Deliver criticism and feedback to a variety of personality styles
  • Adapt your communication approach to meet others' needs, not your own
  • Protect people's egos, fragile or large

II. Handling Emotions

  • Keep from crossing the line between constructive and destructive criticism
  • Use succinct, specific language to deliver messages with sensitivity and generosity
  • Listen and respond with empathy and respect
  • Help others change their thinking from victim to controller

III. Constructing the Message for a Variety of Situations

  • Give one-on-one feedback or criticism
  • Give feedback or criticism to a group or team
  • Give feedback or criticism to a peer
  • Give feedback or criticism to a boss

IV. Receiving Feedback and Criticism With Grace

  • Learn to listen first and react later
  • Look for the truth in every message, theirs and yours
  • Separate the messenger from the message to maintain positive relationships
  • Practice receptive posture and other nonverbals
  • Convey genuine gratitude


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