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Mastering Google AdWords On-Site Training

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Prepare for and pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam in one comprehensive Google AdWords certification training course

Course Description/Agenda

Prepare for and pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam in one comprehensive Google AdWords certification training course.

Ready to take your Google AdWords skills to the next level? Take this comprehensive AdWords  certification training course to become more efficient and more effective in setting up and managing Google AdWords campaigns. This is a unique opportunity to hone your skills, achieve greater ROI with Google AdWords.

This Google AdWords certification training course will provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on training to help you achieve greater results from your AdWords campaigns. We?ll provide you with the terminology, knowledge and hands-on lab exercises that you can immediately apply to your own unique situation. We will help you combine the real-world marketing experience you already possess with proven tips and best practices to enhance your understanding of the subject. This AdWords training course will help you improve your Google AdWords skills by providing you the practical knowledge to get the most out of your campaigns and budgets when you return to the office. Additionally, you will have the chance to take the Fundamentals exam in class.

You will gain:

  • The knowledge to incorporate Google AdWords into your current marketing efforts
  • An understanding of the AdWords application and what you need to get started
  • The ability to create and edit targeted pay-per-click campaigns
  • Account optimization skills to help you get the most out of your campaigns and budgets. Don?t waste clicks or impressions
  • The skills to create more compelling ads to drive better clickthrough rates
  • The ability to track your performance so you know what?s working and what?s not
  • The knowledge to analyze a campaign and find how to get more out of the budget, campaign, AdGroups, and ads
  • Option to take the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam in class on the last day of the AdWords training course

Course Outline

I. Introduction to AdWords

  • Paid Search vs. Organic Search
  • The Psychology of Search

II. Benefits & Features of AdWords

  • Relevance, ROI, Reach
  • Targeting
  • Ranking
  • Costs & Payments
  • Search vs. Display
  • Reporting & Performance Metrics

III. Account Management

  • Navigation
  • Account Structure

LAB: Create a Google AdWords account

IV. Campaign Management

  • Components of a Campaign
  • Creating a Campaign
  • Campaign settings
  • Editing a Campaign

LAB: Campaign Creation: Develop a campaign for you business that includes targeted Ad Groups, keywords, and ad text to help you get the best Quality Score

V. Ad Group Management

  • Creating Ad Groups
  • Editing Ad Groups
  • Monitoring
  • Best Practices

VI. Keywords Research & Selection

  • Researching and identifying keywords and keyword phrases
  • Review match types
  • Discussing negative keywords
  • Aligning keywords with ad groups

LAB: Keyword Research: Finding the top keywords for your company

VI. Ad Formats

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Rich Media Display Ads
  • Creating Enticing Ads
  • Testing New Ads
  • Best Practices

VII. Targeting & Placements

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Properties
  • Google Display Network
  • Mobile Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Language & Location Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Location Extensions

VIII. Bidding & Budgets

  • Setting & Managing Bids
  • Setting & Managing Budgets
  • Impacts on Ranking
  • Best Practices

IX. Review Terminology

X. AdWords Policies

  • Editorial & Format Policies
  • Content Policies
  • Link Policies
  • Trademark & Copyright Policies
  • Ad Approval Issues

XI. Ad & Site Quality

  • Quality Score
  • How It?s Determined
  • Landing Page & Site Quality
  • Best Practices

LAB: Writing Better Ads: Hands-on, mini-workshop on writing more compelling ad text

XII. Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking

  • How Google Measures Performance
  • Troubleshooting

XIII. Optimization Performance

  • Benefits & Goals
  • Targeting Tools
  • Account Optimization Tools
  • Tracking Tools
  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Optimizing Ad Text
  • Optimizing Targeting
  • Optimizing Display Ads
  • Optimizing Ad Scheduling, Serving and Position
  • Optimizing Landing Pages & Sites

LAB: Campaign Optimization: Practice analyzing campaigns in order to find how to get the most out of the budget, the campaign, the Ad Groups, and the ads

XIV. Selling & Representing AdWords ? The Dirty Work

  • The ?Official? Value Proposition
  • Selling the Benefits
  • Maintaining Client Relationships

XV. Create, edit and optimize your campaigns

XVI. AdWords Certification review

  • Certification Requirements
  • The Tests
  • Review / Prep
  • Maintaining Certification

LAB: Exam Test Prep: Prepare for the AdWords exam with sample test questions

XVI. Take Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam in Class


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