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Group Counseling Skills for Professionals: Practical Approaches, Methods and Leadership Styles On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This workshop will provide advanced techniques for group counseling, sharpen skills application in the group process, enhance leadership skills, and detail ethical and professional issues that affect group dynamics.

Course Description/Agenda

Group counseling is designed to be an effective intervention appropriate for school and mental health settings. Through shared experiences and social interactions in a supportive and confidential setting, group counseling offers individuals a therapeutic environment to work through emotional issues. The group therapist facilitates a group to help participants realize self-discovery and gain an awareness that is effective in achieving interpersonal and coping skills. Participants in group therapy benefit from mutual support which can be the key to increasing focused interactions and self-exploration. Clinicians who do not possess a clear understanding of the principles of group theory and dynamics will not have advanced skills necessary for the group process. Leadership skills are pertinent in approaches and methods when working with difficult clients in group treatment. Advanced group skills will increase the knowledge of the clinician to lessen client resistance and conflict and promote group cohesion.

The goal of this intensive one-day workshop is to identify and explore advanced techniques relative to group counseling to enhance professional development. Those attending will gain a greater understanding of skill application in group dynamics; of process, leadership skills and ethics; and of professional issues that affect group process. Through lecture and group discussion, this workshop will provide participants with effective solutions in dealing with difficult clients, group cohesion and conflict, working with resistance, and effective leadership skills which will help the mental health clinician be able to design and develop a group appropriate for each setting.

  • Describe key skills in advanced group counseling and apply them to various types of groups, including inpatient, outpatient, school-based and process oriented therapy
  • Discuss common legal, ethical and boundary issues that frequently arise in group counseling
  • Unlock crucial skills required to anticipate and short-circuit critical incidents
  • Utilize advanced approaches and apply essential skills, methods and leadership styles when working with difficult clients in groups
  • Implement best practice skills and uncover strategies needed to maximize group cohesion while reducing resistance and conflict

What You'll Learn

  • Define the fundamentals of group recruitment, screening, goals, structure and dynamics
  • Examine distinguishing characteristics and commonalities of group theory and dynamics
  • Explore best practices in group recruitment, screening, goals and structure
  • Apply activities for school-based groups
  • Identify complex legal, ethical and boundary issues that arise in group counseling
  • Compare and contrast various advanced counseling approaches, methods and leadership styles
  • Describe strategies that are effective with even the most difficult clients
  • Outline advanced skills for working with resistance and conflict
  • Compare various moderating and intervention skills for the group setting
  • Identify effective techniques for facilitating group cohesion, such as empathy, mutual support and acceptance
  • Examine practical ways to achieve individual client goals within a group setting
  • Attain a plethora of practical techniques that can be used for every age group

What People Are Saying About the Class

"Today's seminar on Grief Counseling met my expectations and more; the information was clearly presented. I left this seminar feeling that I had obtained the skills I needed to counsel clients through coping with grief." - Fred Lee, Boston Public Health, Mattapan, MA


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