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Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy: Optimizing Therapeutic Outcomes for a Variety of Client Conditions On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Effectively conduct CBT while facilitating group interaction/dynamics. Develop protocols to address specific concerns including anxiety and mood disorders, addiction, family issues and health concerns. Age appropriate techniques will be discussed.

Course Description/Agenda

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be both an efficient and effective form of treatment with long-lasting, empirically validated results when used with individuals. Often, clinicians have attempted to implement the same CBT techniques used in individual therapy in a group format without utilizing the full potential of the group process, resulting in unsuccessful and unsatisfying outcomes for everyone involved. Recently, clinicians have been refining methods and developing protocols specifically designed for a group approach with different client concerns. Leveraging the relational component provided through the group process enhances each client's ability to recognize cognitive errors, generate examples of links between thoughts and feelings, practice newly learned behaviors and receive immediate feedback on a deeper level than in individual therapy.

This interactive seminar will teach the integration of group process factors and CBT techniques as a more sophisticated and inclusive model of treatment, leading to enhanced outcomes and setting the stage for higher levels of intrapersonal and interpersonal learning for clients. Participants will examine the process variables vital to enhanced group learning, positive experiences and changes in thinking and functioning. Beginning with a brief overview of CBT theory and practice, participants will learn cognitive and behavioral techniques used in CBT groups and discuss protocols and methods for working with specific diagnoses in a group setting. Additionally, participants will learn how to format groups depending on presenting concerns, use the group process as a mechanism of change and develop strategies for optimizing treatment outcomes.

  • Design effective, age-appropriate group protocols for treating anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, chronic pain, illness, parenting, family issues and more
  • Determine how to establish and manage therapy groups, whether you operate in a solo practice, clinic, hospital or school setting
  • Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles and challenges when implementing CBT in a group format
  • Discover a more inclusive, effective and efficient way to optimize treatment outcomes with your clients

What You'll Learn

  • Review the general principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and group process models
  • Discuss the stages of development, structure and therapeutic tasks within the context of group CBT
  • Utilize group feedback to teach cognitive and behavioral techniques
  • Integrate CBT technique training, experiential activities, and group processes
  • Design group protocols for specific client populations and conditions
  • Develop strategies for overcoming potential obstacles and challenges

What People Are Saying About the Class

"Dawn Leach is a knowledgeable speaker who is able to tailor her presentations to the needs of the audience -- while staying 'on track.'" - Sister Rebecca Rutkowski, A.C.S.W., Director, Catholic Social and Community Services, Biloxi, MS

"Creative, humorous, professional and inspiring describe Dawn Leach's presentations." - Diane Williams, LPC, NCC, NCSC, Ellisville, MS


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