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The Conference for Administrative Excellence On-Site Training

This unique, two-track LIVE, virtual workshop was created for administrative professionals and executive assistants who want to advance their careers and support their organizations more effectively.

Course Description/Agenda

Administrative professionals have never been busier than they are today. Roles have expanded or drastically changed, requiring enhanced skills or even a whole new set of competencies. It’s within this do-more-with-less business landscape that multi-talented, accomplished assistants are in demand more than ever.

The Conference for Administrative Excellence is a unique, two-track virtual workshop created for administrative professionals and executive assistants who want to advance their careers and support their organizations more effectively. It provides the essential training you need to grow professionally, elevate your skills to new heights and thrive in today’s business environment.

Design your day to suit your needs. Choose one track or move between the two to personalize your experience. You’ll choose from six fantastic breakout sessions and finish up with a closing session that helps you get more organized and improve your focus so you can be more productive. Enroll today in this fun, interactive event and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities awaiting you as a talented, top-notch, multi-skilled administrative professional.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn practical skills and organizational strategies
  • Improve your productivity
  • Establish authority, even when you’re not in charge
  • Stay calm when stress levels rise
  • Support your team more effectively
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your career
  • Dramatically increase your value to the organization

Conference Agenda

Program time: 5 hours


Session 1: Staying Calm and Confident During Conflict

  • Recognize and respond appropriately to other people’s emotions
  • Identify and manage your emotional triggers
  • Maintain a constructive, confident mindset
  • Communicate assertively to overcome emotions
  • Learn how to focus on solutions

Session 2: Microsoft Office® Tips and Tricks for Excel®, Outlook® and Word

  • Sort, filter, organize and manage data in Excel
  • Summarize data in a PivotTable
  • Improve efficiency with little-known Outlook tips and tricks
  • Create rules to organize your inbox
  • Make visually appealing documents in Word

Session 3: Writing for a Digital World

  • Deliver must-know information to a short-attention-span world
  • Present your written content as effectively as possible
  • Get and keep readers’ attention
  • Express yourself clearly and concisely
  • Call readers to action


Session 1: Basics of Finance and Accounting

  • Understand what financial data is telling you
  • Communicate financial information more effectively at all levels
  • Explain how your department contributes to the bottom line
  • Contribute to better-informed proposals and decisions
  • Perform key finance and accounting tasks with accuracy and efficiency

Session 2: Getting Results Without Authority

  • Learn what it means to be a leader at any level of an organization
  • Use personal accountability to positively influence others’ behavior
  • Foster transparent communication and encourage the open exchange of information
  • Establish your expertise and competence to build credibility and earn others’ trust
  • Build strong relationships that lead to win-win solutions

Session 3: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Distinguish facts from assumptions to pursue better conclusions
  • Develop an inclusive perspective for improved problem-solving skills
  • Ask the right questions to identify and address root causes
  • Break free of thinking ruts and release a flow of ideas
  • Analyze potential outcomes and assess risks and benefits to make reasoned and informed decisions


Closing Session: Organization and Time Management

  • Find out how to prioritize with better accuracy
  • Manage your time and tasks more effectively
  • Evaluate potential time management tools
  • Learn techniques for overcoming procrastination
  • Use attention-management techniques to stay focused and on track



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