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When Tempers Flare: Conflict De-Escalation Techniques On-Site Training

This LIVE, instructor-led workshop provides you with proven strategies for maintaining control during intense interactions.

Course Description/Agenda

Conflict in the workplace in one thing, but what happens when heightened emotions cloud judgement or hamper a person’s ability to think clearly? Or when a conflict spirals out of control — what then? Do you know what to say and what actions are needed to defuse an intense situation before it gets out of hand?

When Tempers Flare: Conflict De-Escalation Techniques can help. This LIVE, instructor-led workshop provides you with proven strategies for maintaining control during intense interactions. Discover what warning signs to watch for, what words you should avoid and what actions you should or shouldn’t take.

Knowing how to approach tense situations with less fear and the right words is key to maintaining the work relationships so vital to productivity and a healthy workplace.

What You Will Learn

  • Defuse heated situations before they get out of hand
  • Recognize the warning signs of a potential crisis situation
  • Respond appropriately to the different stages of escalating conflict
  • Know what words you should or shouldn’t say
  • Mediate tense situations between third parties

Workshop Agenda

Program time: 2 hours

What Happens When Conflict Escalates?

  • Explore possible underlying reasons for extreme reactions
  • Discuss how the brain works to regulate emotion
  • Identify stages of the escalation cycle
  • List the 3 steps of de-escalation

Your Role in De-Escalating Conflict

  • Control your emotional responses during heated situations
  • Practice rational detachment to prevent overreacting
  • Use the escalation cycle as a guide for how to respond appropriately to intensifying conflict
  • Apply verbal and nonverbal techniques that show support while defusing emotional interactions
  • Implement physical tactics to protect yourself and others during altercations
  • Avoid triggers that fuel emotional responses
  • Know what to do when de-escalation is not working



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