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Returning to the Workplace: A Manager's Guide On-Site Training

As a manager, you'll learn how to navigate the obstacles and make re-entry into the workplace positive, constructive and satisfying for everyone

Course Description/Agenda

As employees re-enter the workplace after any type of non-work absence or from working remotely, there’s a period of change and transition for everyone…the employee, management and the organization. There are a number of challenges that leaders and managers must be prepared for. To be successful returning employees to the workplace, it requires focus, proactive planning and effective communication. 

As a manager, you'll learn how to navigate the obstacles and make re-entry into the workplace positive, constructive and satisfying for everyone.


  • Become a well-informed change agent
  • Discuss ways to assist employees with fear, anxiety and stress
  • Know how to set effective goals, priorities and expectations for employees upon re-entry
  • Inspire employees to communicate in a more effective, credible and persuasive manner
  • Learn how to use words, tone and nonverbals to motivate others


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: The Topic of Change

  • Explain how emotional balance is key to successfully managing change
  • Describe motivation factors crucial in supporting change
  • Review best practices for building and maintaining cohesive and supportive alliances for change
  • Discuss effective ways to deal with employee fear, anxiety and stress

Session 2: Setting Goals, Priorities and Expectations

  • Discuss techniques for setting, aligning and communicating goals, priorities and expectations
  • Explain how to develop standards of performance that will signal when the employee has succeeded
  • Review methods for showing employee appreciation

Session 3: Communicating as a Leader in a Time of Change

  • Review communication techniques for a professional, diplomatic and persuasive presence in meetings.
  • Identify fundamental components needed for a purposeful and credible message.
  • Discuss the best way to respond to any type of question
  • Describe ways to communicate that gain employee trust


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Skillpath Seminars

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