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Taming Incivility: How to Foster a Culture of Respect On-Site Training

Learn how relationships built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect can bring about a powerful, cohesive work team that values each other’s opinions and ideas.

Course Description/Agenda

Incivility is taking its toll on the American workplace — reducing productivity, decreasing morale and increasing turnover. It can even lead to harassment and potentially expensive lawsuits. But teams trained to adopt high levels of respect for others produce the opposite: improved productivity, higher levels of engagement, more collaboration, better conflict management skills and more.

Sign up for this LIVE virtual course and learn how relationships built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect can bring about a powerful, cohesive work team that values each other’s opinions and ideas. You’ll discuss the role of respect in the workplace, its enduring benefits and how to demonstrate respect to a wide array of people and personalities through appropriate behavior and body language.


  • Define the role of respect in the workplace
  • Demonstrate respect through appropriate behavior and body language
  • Show personal concern and respect no matter the situation
  • Use a standard approach for cultural humility to improve cross-cultural interactions
  • Recognize the importance of ethics how it can help you develop a personal code of conduct


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Understanding the Role of Respect and Trust

  • Examine civility and assess your levels of trust with others
  • Overcome conflict by building mutual respect
  • Establish integrity with character and ethics
  • Describe the benefits of working in an environment filled with high levels of respect

Session 2: Command Respect in Any Situation

  • Demonstrate concern and respect, no matter what the situation
  • Assess your personality and strengths to identify behaviors that build trust
  • Understand culture differences to communicate and interact effectively
  • Explain how to use a standard approach of cultural humility to build trust

Session 3: Defining Ethics and Ethical Behavior

  • Understand traits and behaviors of ethical and unethical people
  • Learn why it’s important to depend on another’s sense of right and wrong
  • Explain the need for ethical behavior and how integrity allows you to develop trust
  • Develop a personal code of conduct


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SkillPath Seminars
Skillpath Seminars

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