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How To Handle Emotionally Charged Situations In The Workplace On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A skill-building communication workshop to help you remain cool under pressure and smoothly resolve tense situations every time

Course Description/Agenda

You’ll learn …

  • How to share bad or unexpected news without adding fuel to the fire
  • How to reduce anxiety by tempering the emotions involved
  • The keys to eliminating conflict and building stronger work relationships
  • Proven methods that allow you to think, speak and communicate better under pressure
  • And much more!

Have you ever had to deliver bad news that you knew would set the person off or been unexpectedly confronted by an angry co-worker during a meeting in front of your boss?

The truth is, difficult and emotional situations pop up daily in the workplace, and you have to navigate them with diplomacy and tact. When your reputation hangs on saying the right thing every time, don’t take a chance that your words or actions will make things worse. This unique seminar gives you the key self-awareness and communication skills you need to be able to control your emotions and respond professionally during even the most chaotic incidents.

Instead of avoiding emotional situations … embrace them

Most people prefer to avoid things they believe are going to be bad or emotionally messy—because conflict generally makes everyone uncomfortable. But sometimes you just can’t put things off. At this workshop, you’ll learn the kinds of communication skills that will dramatically reduce the stress for everyone involved, especially your own.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and put an end to the anxiety and frustration that runaway emotions bring to your life. Get more control now!

Program hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Manage Emotions

  • Understand the positive and negative effects of emotions in the workplace
  • Change how you respond, even when your mind doesn’t want to
  • Respond proactively and reduce—even eliminate—stressful situations
  • How to neutralize paralyzing emotions
  • Techniques that will help you calm down quickly, keep a clear head and respond more effectively
  • Avoid emotional overreactions that destroy relationships and your credibility

Communicate More Effectively

  • The 3 Cs of conflict communication: Act with the goal in mind
  • Keys to direct and indirect communication and some habits you may want to break
  • Communicate more effectively under pressure
  • Use the right words in emotionally charged situations—words that help an angry person feel more in control
  • Take the focus away from being right and see how it makes you more effective
  • Active listening skills guaranteed to give you the upper hand
  • Get your point across without losing control

Manage Situations of Conflict and Confrontation

  • Constructive conflict: How to use conflict as a tool for positive change
  • Understand the 4 causes of conflict and how to defuse them
  • 10 conflict resolution skills everyone should know
  • Overcome the fear of confrontation
  • When confrontation is absolutely necessary—and how to do it constructively
  • When arguments are directed at you: Tips for handling confrontation or criticism without getting defensive or upset
  • Avoid conflict-escalating actions and words that can turn minor differences into major obstacles

Confidently Deal With Anger and the Negative Emotions of Others

  • Respond to outbursts and fits of anger in a way that lowers emotions and makes way for constructive progress
  • Get past the emotion and to the real issues to define the problem
  • Express your emotions and dissatisfaction appropriately
  • The lost art of anger management: An easy-to-use, 4-stage anger response
  • Respond to the negative emotions of co-workers without letting them pull you down
  • Boundary statements: How to use them when dealing with a difficult or angry person
  • Use crisis management when someone’s anger threatens to turn into violence

Navigate Personality Clashes and Interpersonal Differences

  • Understand how different personality styles drive emotional responses
  • What to do when personality differences get in the way and create unnecessary stress
  • How-to’s for dealing with backstabbing, gossip and resentment
  • Principles for maintaining positive relationships during disagreements
  • Avoid setting up a win-lose situation and the defensiveness it triggers
  • Know the critical rules of interpersonal problem solving that will keep you on track
  • Turn arguments into fact-gathering, relationship-building opportunities

Successfully Handle Fear, Uncertainty and Other Stressful Situations

  • Discover the critical keys to making sound decisions, even under intense pressure
  • Feel calm and in control when emotions run high
  • Be flexible and adapt to changes in the workplace that bring uncertainty and stress
  • Handle emotional situations including sadness and grief
  • Handle the pressures of workloads, deadlines and high expectations
  • Stop self-destructive behaviors that create unnecessary stress

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