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The Master Course For Today's Managers On-Site Training

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Become a cutting-edge forward thinker in all the areas crucial to successful leadership

Course Description/Agenda

In the Master Course for Today’s Managers, you'll learn...

  • The keys to winning and keeping trust and credibility
  • The most common mistakes new supervisors make and how to avoid them
  • The importance of directions, feedback, advice—and recognizing achievements
  • The keys to leading meetings where something actually gets accomplished
  • Delegation skills: Getting comfortable with letting go
  • Social media policies that make sense for the workplace
  • And much, much more!

Leadership is about PEOPLE! And the most effective leaders have always been able to communicate, motivate and delegate to bring out the best in each person every day. But the methods used 10 or 20 years ago just don’t work today—you must change with the times. That’s the guiding principle behind this exciting workshop.

Through interactive exercises, insightful discussions and engaging activities, you’ll learn how to win the respect of your team, leading to improved employee morale and reduced conflict. You’ll discover how encouraging innovation produces faster, better results and greater employee ownership. You’ll open the door to lower personal stress, higher productivity and much, much more. The strategies and techniques you’ll learn will empower you to create a more powerful, cooperative atmosphere. Essentially, you’ll become an indispensable leader—to your team and your entire organization.

This two-day course is for all managers—both new and experienced—who refuse to accept mediocrity, unpreparedness or a lack of enthusiasm from themselves or their teams.


Program hours: 9:00 am — 4:00 pm


Session 1: Using your strengths to set a leadership tone

  • What is your personal leadership style and how can you develop it?
  • Trusting your capabilities and believing you CAN succeed
  • The keys to winning—and keeping—trust and credibility
  • The dangers of becoming friends with your team
  • Becoming comfortable making decisions and living with the results

Session 2: Growing as a manager throughout your career

  • The most common mistakes new supervisors make and how to avoid them
  • Personal branding to ensure your accomplishments get recognized
  • Work/life balance: Finding your groove
  • What’s most important to you? Incorporating your core beliefs into your career path
  • How to handle—and rise above—workplace politics

Session 3: HCM—developing and growing your biggest asset

  • Recruiting and interviewing tips to pick the right job candidates
  • Coaching and mentoring tomorrow’s team leaders
  • The importance of directions, feedback, advice—and recognizing achievements
  • Ensuring employee performance reviews work the way they should
  • Recognizing the power of setting goals and monitoring success


Session 1: Communication skills: Easing conflict, inspiring unity and more

  • Keeping the lines of communication open between people, teams and departments
  • How to deliver bad or uncomfortable news and get everyone back to work
  • Communicating the “big picture” and where your team fits into the organization’s direction
  • What to do after an employee outburst—including your own
  • The keys to leading productive meetings

Session 2: The leader’s guide to time and project management

  • Delegation skills: Getting comfortable with letting go
  • Recognizing which types of tasks you should delegate—and which you shouldn’t
  • The project life cycle and the supervisor’s role in completion and success
  • Keeping the line moving: Setting, monitoring and enforcing deadlines
  • Managing team procrastination, poor planning and personal emergencies

Session 3: Management skills for the 21st century

  • Managing in the new era of off-site and remote employees
  • Working with a multicultural and multigenerational workforce
  • Social media policies that make sense for the workplace
  • Creating stability as the world keeps changing around you
  • Engagement: Yes, productivity and fun can go hand in hand


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