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Successful people don't take "no" for an answer. Get what you want through successful negotiation. Let KARRASS help you strengthen the key skills you need in business and in life.

Course Description/Agenda

Successful people don't take no for an answer. They get what you want through successful negotiation. Let Karrass help you strengthen the key negotiating skills you need in business and in life.

The strength of your agreements, understandings and relationships can make the difference between success and failure. Weak agreements always break down. They bring nagging dissatisfaction and aggravation into your business and personal lives. Strong agreements help you reach and exceed your own objectives, while bringing mutual satisfaction to all parties.

Apply the Karrass edge to your most important negotiations.

This is true whether you are:

  • Determining the price and terms at which you buy or sell.
  • Closing with an important customer.
  • Persuading others to work with and not against you.
  • Setting or meeting budgets.
  • Finalizing and administrating simple or complex contracts.
  • Working on a problem with someone important to you.
  • Managing and supervising those responsible for doing.
  • Breaking or avoiding a serious impasse
  • Working efficiently and effectively within your department, the company, and with the outside world

You’ll feel confident and prepared.

At our Effective Negotiating® Two-Day Seminar you'll learn:

How to Stick to Your Own Game Plan

What People Forget To Do, Pyramid of Planning, First Things First, Product Strategy, Fact Finding, One Useful List, Plugging the Leaks On Your Side, Smoking Out Their Concessions

How To Tap Into More Power Than You Think You Have

Using Hidden Leverage, Power of Legitimacy, Commitment Power, Word Power, Power of Knowledge, Risk Taking Power, Hard Work Power, The Limits of a Seller’s Sole Source Power The Limits of a Buyer’s Power To Use Competition, Putting Time On Your Side, Power of Rules and Precedent, Team Power, Power of Status and Appearance, Strengths and Weaknesses Self Evaluation, What Your Opponent Really Wants, Stated Motives, Under the Iceberg, Using Hidden Needs, Long Term Relationships Versus One Shot Deals, Who Benefits Most, Making Long Term Relationships Work For You, Turning Things Around

How To make Better Agreements Right Now

Both Sides Win, Ten Tips That Always Work, You Can Negotiate Specifications, One Win, Do Well For Yourself, How To Get More Information, Who Talks Too Much?, Better Questions For You, Don’t Trust Assumptions, Cost Breakdowns, Yes or No?, How To Make a Concession, Personal Negotiating, Goodwill and Rapport Mean Business, Negotiating an Organization, Five Modes

You Can't Hit a Target You Never Set

How To Set and Achieve Your Targets, A Practical Method For Team Target Setting, Gaining Personal Targets, The Must and Give Issues, Min Max Positions, When You Expect Less You Get Less, How Expectations Affect Outcomes, How Expectations Go Up and Down In the Other Person’s Head, Achievers and Non-Achievers, Risk Takers and Avoiders, What Makes a Good Negotiator, Change the Negotiator, Keep the Initiative, Tying the Plan Together

How to Use Your Strength In

Business, Selling, Purchasing, Manager/Employee Relations, Real Estate Transactions, Contracts, Legal Conflicts, Engineering Specifications, Personal Needs and Transactions

How To Use Tips From The Competition

How Other Cultures Negotiate, Opening Moves, Authority Limits, Measuring Concessions, Fair and Reasonable

How To Avoid Traps and Use Tactics

Keeping Your Eyes Open, Quick Deals, Deadline, Telephone Mistakes, Using the Phone To Your Advantage, Summary For Success, Applying Time Tactics, Patience, Japanese Power, How To Build Patience Systematically, Buy Now, Negotiate Later, Acceptance Time, Change of Pace, Initiative Tactic Applying Authority Tactics, Authority and No-Authority, Escalating Authority, A Movie Industry Tactic To Watch Out For, Why Authority Mixes You Up, Limited Authority, Full Authority Pitfalls, How the Highest Executives Escape From Authority When They Want To


Demand and Offer Tactics, Testing a Firm Price, Take It or Leave It, When a Firm Stand is Necessary, How To Reduce Resentment, Learning To Walk Away and Come Back, Taking On Higher Authority, Zeroing In, How To Pin Down What the Other Party Will Take, Why and How Every Contract Changes Silently Over Time, Projecting For Real-World Results and Reactions

How To Deal With Deadlocks, And Win

Breaking a Deadlock or Making One, Is the Price Right? Why You Must Negotiate Anyway, 15 Ways To Break Deadlocks and Avoid Impasses, How To Get Someone To Deal With You Who Won’t, An absolutely unique exercise to help you right away

How To Guard Against Tricks

Psychological Ploys Meant To Corner You, Good Guy Bad Guy, Averages and Statistics, Why All Facts Are Negotiable, Negotiating Tricks from the Movie Industry

More Subtleties, More Skill

Understanding For Self-Defense, How Funny-Money Can Work For or Against You, Issues Even Experienced Negotiators Miss, Planning Purpose Traps That Salespeople Fall Into - The Reverse Auction, A Very Tough Tactic, Competition Face To Face, Nibbles That Add Up How To Stop Them In Any Agreement, How To Stop a Buyer’s or Seller’s Hidden Nibbling, Four Tactics Hard To Cope With, Dirty Trick Escalation, The Big Proposal Puzzle, Backing Off a Concession, Mistakes, Real or Otherwise, The Bogey Works Almost Every Time, What It Is and Why It Works, Why Tiger Teams Get Results, Is Any Budget Constraint Real?, Countermeasures, The Krunch - Dangers and Opportunities - How the Seller Should Handle The Krunch and Turn It Around, What Will Work For You In the Toughest Negotiation?, Time To Think, Proven Techniques To Give Yourself More Time, Why Teams Make Sense, Pitfalls and Opportunities

Why Your Helpful Concessions Can Hurt You

Opening Offers How Fast Should You Move?, Should You Split the Difference?, Much More On Doing It Right, How Winners Win, With Real Money, The Critique, What Went Wrong, What Went Right

How To Gain Successful Agreements and Keep Them

Attendees Discussion, Negotiating Problems, How To Deal With Them, How Hard a Bargain Should You Drive After the Negotiation, How You and Your Company Benefit, Review, Prescription For Continuing Success.


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Karrass Negotiation Seminars

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Successful people don't take "no" for an answer. Get what you want through successful negotiation. Let KARRASS help you strengthen the key skills you need in business and in life.

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